One of the many reasons I’m disgusted with politics

Screencaps from attack ads about the Indiana Senate race
Image via Indiana Public Media

Dear political action committees (PACs) outside of Indiana:

I get it.

Mourdock vs. Donnelly is a big deal. It’s been a big deal since Lugar was defeated in the primary. Y’all have been licking your chops in anticipation of this race. I know. The fate of the majority in the Senate, the fate of our nation, the entire fee world, and maybe the existence of humanity as we know it hangs in the balance.

I get it.

But would you please stay out of Indiana from now on? I think everyone would benefit from that. The venom you spew and the constant negativity you generate from the attack ads have driven people away. You don’t encourage anyone to vote for a candidate. You encourage us to vote against the other guy. You encourage shouting and division and demonizing instead of engagement, discussion, and listening. And that doesn’t help anyone in the long-run. I get the short-term benefits. I really do. But the ends don’t justify the means.

I’m looking at you, Americans for Prosperity. I’m looking at you, Majority PAC. I’m looking at you, National Republican Senatorial Committee. I’m looking at you, American Bridge PAC. I’m looking at you, Crossroads GPS. I’m looking at you, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. You have no real interest in Hoosier politics. You don’t care about the people in Indiana. You only care about your own pursuit of power.

Here’s what your ads have done to me: Your negative ads attacking the other guy haven’t encouraged me to vote for your guy. In fact, you’ve strongly encouraged me to seek out a third-party candidate and vote for him. Or maybe I’ll just vote for your opponent. Just for spite.

In closing, God bless America. And get off my lawn, outside superPACs.

I’m and I approve this message.

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