V is for Vote for Mihret!

V is for Vote for MihretWe need your help! Please go here and vote for Mihret. We’re kind of behind in this contest because of a communication error so we need every vote we can get. Having a van like this would be life-changing for her. You’re allowed to vote once per day per IP address until the contest ends on May 11. So vote early, vote often! 🙂

Here’s a little bit of our entry. You can read the rest on the site:

Mihret is so smart, determined, independent, hilarious, curious, and looks at life as a giant party. Even with her challenges, Mihret laughs at them and refuses to let them hold her down. She was born with most of her cerebellum missing, and this affects her coordination in many areas-eating, speaking, and especially mobility. While she WANTS to be mobile, she cannot walk independently. She CAN navigate anywhere she wants to go with her wheelchair-from the very first second she got it at 2 1/2 years old! Unfortunately, I (Mom) have been diagnosed with a physical problem that limits the amount of lifting I can do, ironically caused by lifting her equipment so much over the past few years (most likely). We do have a van, but don’t have a way to get the chair into the van without lifting it up. That means that when it is just myself and the children, I can’t really get her anywhere-the museum, the park, therapy, the library, even just to Target-her favorite store! This is a permanent problem, and she is only 5. We have a long way to go together! She is so curious and is such a sponge, and I hate limiting her in where we can go, when she can be so independent in her wheelchair.

We have attempted to get a van lift through various avenues-insurance, disability programs, etc. Because our van is above the mileage limit (and it’s on its last leg anyway), we have been turned down.

So what are you waiting for? Vote today! Please! 

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While there isn’t an official leaderboard, we have found a couple people who have around 2,000 votes and one has 6,000 – as of Saturday. If they have supporters who keep voting, then this is one big mountain that will have to move. Fortunately, we know Someone who’s in the mountain moving business!