Reflecting on Fatherhood

Ambushed by my daughters

President Obama has said that being a father to Malia and Sasha is the most important job he has. At the same time, growing up without a dad himself, the President understands firsthand the holes that fathers leave in their families when they are absent.

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I tend to avoid partisan politics on this blog. I’d much rather see all elected officials work for the good of the nation instead of the good of their own careers. But that’s not the point of this post. My point is this:

I stand with the President.

Aiden & Daddy - self portrait

I may screw up at times…

like when I destroyed my son’s baseball glove

(I know – some still argue that I wasn’t at fault here. I still feel bad about it though)

I may struggle with how to handle things when I see my children struggle the same way I did…

especially when it comes to issues related to ADD

I may joke about my shortcomings as a dad…

and I’m not one to get worked up over poorly thought-out corporate tweets…

but I take being a father very seriously. It can be mind-numbingly frustrating at times. It can make you want to pull your (quickly graying already gray) hair out. It can lead you to the highest of highs as you cheer your children on when they succeed and the lowest of lows as your heart breaks while you watch them struggle. And even though the apartment might start looking like a college dorm when I’m in charge of getting the household chores done in a timely manner, the journey is well worth it.

Although I can pretend to be one from time to time, I’m no all star. I’m no super hero. I’m just a guy who loves my wife and loves my kids.

And there’s nothing else I’d rather be.

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