Guest Post: Bald is Always Beautiful by @CS_Indy

I would like to thank Matt for the opportunity to be a guest poster on his blog this week. He has already had the BgKahuna, who bumbled the message and possibly made it so poor Matt had to not only move his couch, but also sleep on it. There’s a reason why I’m the Head Clown in the Kahuna Circus. Someone has to keep things under control.

I would like to say that BgKahuna is a flip-flopper. He’s not a committed bald.

Is BgKahuna a flip-flopper?
November, 2001 Is that hair I see?

That’s right. He grows his hair out often. And when he does, he mocks  us bald loyalists with statements about how he feels more “powerful” more “successful” and even implying he makes more money by simply having hair! The nerve.

As a bald loyalist, I have consistently not had *hair* for 10 years. No flip-flopping. I’m bald every day. Bald, proud, and beautiful.

With all that out of the way, I think Matt should go ahead and try the bald lifestyle. What’s the worst that could happen? You could have a perfect smooth Captain Kirk-esque melon. Or you could have a 3D map of the moon on your noggin, or a pack of hot dogs on the back of your skull (guilty) but it doesn’t matter.

Either way, rock it and enjoy the benefits.  Quicker bad hair days …no need to worry about hat hair…plus, the feel of a cool pillow on your fresh shaved head is unmatchable. Don’t worry about the cold air. It’s just a free jolt in the morning. Better than caffeine even.

Don’t be afraid. It grows back if you can’t handle the awesomeness that is the bald lifestyle. And we wont even mock you for going back…unlike someone else.


**Uh oh. It seems we’ve sparked a little bit of a controversy on Life in the Fishbowl. Thanks for bringing this important information to light, CS Indy! This is quite the  exposé you’ve written.

Is BgKahuna a flip-flopper? What say you? 

– Matt**

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