I remember opening the Sears Catalog one Christmas to find items to put on my Wish List. Religiously, I would turn to the back and flip forward until I came to the Star Wars toys section. One year, the unthinkable happened.

There were no Star Wars toys.

I was in the basement at the time. I remember how rejected I felt when Mom explained to me that not many people bought Star Wars toys anymore, so stores stopped selling them. Star Wars was no longer cool? Impossible!

That night as I went to bed, I was still depressed over the absence of new Star Wars toys. Someday, I’ll bring back Star Wars. Then kids will want to buy them again. I thought.

OK, so I didn’t have anything to do with the Star Wars revival, but as I walked through Toys R Us yesterday, it hit me that my childhood dream had come true! The shelves are flooded with action figures, vehicles, and even costumes! We were even there to buy a specific R2-D2 toy.

Then the theme song from Star Wars began playing over the house speakers. My kids begged me to help them find the source of the music, because surely there would be even more Star Wars stuff there. It was a very surreal experience watching my kids get excited about the same toys that I had begged my parents for.

Of course, some toys have gotten more sophisticated (and expensive, I believe). It’s a good thing Lego wasn’t involved in Star Wars when I was a kid. I would have done anything to get something as cool as this. That would have taken a lot of birthday money!

It’s like some kind of a time warp.

**OK, so the language on the site for the Sears Catalog is a little rough, but the link is priceless! Be sure to check out the nursery section.

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Oh, my word. I’m not sure if that is funny or scary. Did people actually wear that stuff? At least now I know where the fabric for the curtains and the mattress covers at my childhood summer camp came from.