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It’s hot. And you need a cool #TwitterTuesday

http://twitter.com/IndianaGeeking/status/369863385623842816 Yeah. You have to read the entire thread to get full glory of the tweet. http://twitter.com/AnnaKendrick47/status/369869741810515968 Speaking of cups….let’s take a moment and listen to theĀ originalĀ Cups Song… I know. It’s way too early for a musical interlude. But it was totally worth it. Time to press on...
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Flashback Friday: Band Geek Edition

It’s high school football season again, and you know what that means…marching band! I was saddened to learn in back in May that the Blackhawk Brigade wasn’t going to field a marching band this year. There wasn’t enough student interest (remember…we’re an itty-bitty school in the middle of...
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