This is everything I can tell you about Stevie Shoot a Three Pointer

Stevie Shoot a Three Pointer

Back in 1987, as the Hoosiers were poised to make their national championship run, Evansville’s own 96 STO aired a song recorded by Furry Head and the Favorites called Stevie Shoot a Three Pointer. I only heard it a few times on the radio, but I never forgot it. And ever since I wrote about this song some eight years ago, I’ve been on a mission to find a digital copy of this song online.

I haven’t been able to find one.

I did find a copy once. But it disappeared soon after that. Even the Wayback Machine couldn’t help. So my mission has resumed. I know a lot of people have stumbled upon my blog, looking for Stevie Shoot a Three Pointer. And I don’t blame them. Because it’s probably the best parody song ever. I don’t want to disappoint anyone. So I’m on my mission again.

I’ve even emailed and tweeted the fine folks at 96 STO to see if they can be any help.

No luck so far.

I know this song is a memorable one for anyone who lived in or around the state of Indiana during the Hoosiers’ 1987 tournament run. It was a big deal. Even caused a little bit of controversy. The NCAA said they couldn’t use players’ names. If they did use players’ names, they would have to rule those players ineligible for the national championship game, because a commercial enterprise using a player’s name would negatively influence their amateur status.

Indiana's banners hanging at Assembly Hall

The station had the greatest response ever. “OK,” they said, “If you’re going to make players ineligible because we’re using their names, we’re going to make a song about each and every Syracuse player.”

I guess the NCAA backed off because the song kept playing on the airwaves.

I’m sure you found this page because you are looking for a recording of Stevie Shoot a Three Pointer. I’m sorry you won’t find it here. Yet. Maybe together we can track it down and make the world a much better place?

If you have any leads, please contact me.

In the meantime, here are the lyrics to Stevie, Shoot a Three Pointer (as best as I can tell):

Sung to the tune of The Letter 
(click here if you need to hear the original)

Get me a ticket for an aeroplane.
Got to see the Hoosiers win another game.
The other guys will lose
Scorin’ two by twos.
Stevie, shoot a three pointer

What do you mean his foot was on the line?

I don’t care what other teams you’ve got to play.
You’re gonna stomp on them, anyway.
Come on, Bobby Knight,
Throw some chairs tonight.
And Stevie, shoot a three pointer.

Hey are you a referee or a zebra?

Stevie shoot a three pointer
It’s so easy, you know
You can do it all day.

Shoot from 20 and you score.
Next year, make it 24.
That’s NBA
Good luck in the draft.

I don’t care how much money I got to spend.
Got to be there to see those Hoosiers win.
Getting extra score
From that sign upon the floor
Stevie, shoot a three pointer.

What? Forty five seconds? Hey, ref! When was the last time your offense lasted 45 seconds?


I don’t care how much money I got to spend.
Can’t stand to look at Dick Enberg again.
If you snooze you lose.
Don’t score two by twos.
Stevie, shoot a three pointer.

Lose the ball? Hey, ref! Lose this!

Stevie, shoot a three pointer
Everyone in the joint here
Is screaming “S A!”
Those are your initials, man

Steve, these seats have lots of luck
I just spent 300 bucks.
That’s a week’s pay!
Wait till my wife finds out


I don’t care how much money I’ve got to spend,
Can’t stand to look at Dick Enberg again.
If you snooze you lose.
Don’t score two by twos.
Stevie, shoot a three pointer.

Go, Stevie, shoot a three pointer.


25 Years Ago Today…

I’ll admit it.

I was a big Bob Knight fan in high school. I knew he was a passionate man and thought his passion was eventually going to lead to his undoing, but I remained a defender of the Red-Sweatered-One. I defended him to the naysayers and wore my “Bobby Knows” t-shirt (the one that played off the “Bo Knows” phenomenon) with pride.

I still bleed Cream & Crimson.

But looking back, I’m almost ashamed to say I defended Knight as much as I did. But I did. I’ll admit it.

A couple of weeks ago, they re-broadcast the IU vs. Purdue game that happened 25 years ago today (watch the game online here). And then, the incident happened. You know…the one with the chair…

I was embarrassed.

Fifteen years ago, I wasn’t. I don’t think it’s necessarily that I’ve grown up (although I hope that’s part of it), but it’s more of the fact that nothing has ever been Knight’s fault. Ever.

I’ve read all of the books about him, including Playing for Knight, Bob Knight: His Own Man, and even Knight: My Story. I’m no stranger to the man. He was a great coach. He was a tremendous humanitarian, doing fabulous things for his former players, the school, and the community.

But nothing was ever his fault. At least, that’s how he presents it.

And that act has begun to wear thin for me. And because of that, “The Chair Incident” is now something I look back at with sorrow instead of the pride I once had in the defiant coach who was trying to fire up his team.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m glad Coach Knight brought Indiana basketball to a top-tier program in the nation. I look at the three banners he helped hang in Assembly Hall and am deeply appreciative. And I believe that his record on Branch McCracken Court is worthy of recognition and am glad he’s in the IU Hall of Fame, because he certainly deserves to be there.

But I’m still a little embarrassed that I was such an ardent enthusiast of someone who would not ever admit he was in the wrong.

Bob Knight & Assembly Hall

Assembly Hall
Assembly Hall

I don’t know if he’s still doing it, but for a very long time, Dick Vitale was relentlessly calling for IU to rename Assembly Hall to Robert Montgomery Knight Assembly Hall. Nevermind the fact that the school usually doesn’t name facilities after someone until after that person has died. And although Knight has retired from coaching, he’s far from dead.

Knight brought three of these five banners to Bloomington
Knight brought three of these five banners to Bloomington

I think there was also a time that Vitale lobbied for the court to be named after Knight, similar to Coach K Court at Cameron Indoor. But the court has already been named after Branch McCracken.

Strike two.

The thing is, Knight already has a lasting legacy at Assembly Hall. And I’m not talking about the three NCAA Championship banners that hang from the rafters there.

Here’s a hint:

If I remember correctly, Tom Crean even tried to pick up a chair this season during one of the games where the officiating was especially terrible.

He couldn’t.

Why? Because of Knight’s lasting legacy at Assembly Hall.

If you look closely at the chairs, you’ll notice that they are essentially tied together and bolted to the floor.

Why don’t they just name it the Robert Montgomery Knight Team Bench? Maybe Mr. Vitale could start lobbying for this name-change. It would be a fitting tribute, don’t you think?

And I’m only half-joking.

I tried to get a close-up of the chain running through the chairs on the floor.
I tried to get a close-up of the ‘chain’ running through the chairs on the floor.

On a somewhat related note, does anyone remember a song that was played on the radio during IU’s 1987 tournament run that had the line, “Come on, Bobby Knight, throw some chairs tonight. And Stevie, shoot a three-pointer!”? I’ve looked all over for a recording of that.