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The Eclipse is coming! The Eclipse is coming! [2017 Edition]

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Eclipse 207

It’s almost here, everyone! It’s just over the horizon. The full eclipse of 2017 is almost here! If you don’t have a hotel or bed and breakfast reserved anywhere near one of the peak viewing areas, you’re probably out of luck by now. If they aren’t already booked, they’re probably pretty close. And the rates are astronomical. * And the glasses are probably sold out wherever you are  (why didn’t I stock up on those a month ago? I could be a gazillionaire). And if they aren’t, there’s a chance they might not be as safe as you think they are. So you just might be out of luck.

But have no fear. You can still party like it’s 1999** in anticipation of the most visible full eclipse across the contiguous United States in almost a century. And you don’t even have to go outside or look up in the sky.

Times have changed.

I remember discussion about a solar eclipse while I was in elementary school. They made it very clear that you couldn’t look up at the sky during the eclipse without special glasses because it could blind you forever. I think we had inside recess that day.*** Just in case.

I’m also pretty sure I was hiking at Philmont during the 1991 eclipse.

They were memorable events, for sure. But there certainly wasn’t the hype surrounding the 2017 eclipse. And there definitely weren’t any parties.

But there’s definitely a party atmosphere now. I guess you could say we’ve come a long way since the days when a solar eclipse was a reason to panic. I mean, there’s certainly a little bit of fear and trepidation about going outside, accidentally looking up without your protective glasses, and having your eyeballs melt away, not unlike what happens when you look into the Ark of the Covenant.****

But solar eclipses used to be signs of the end of the world. I mean, who wouldn’t think everything was going to come crashing down when the sky suddenly turned dark and the sun was unexpectedly blotted out? Surely it was a sign of something. And that something couldn’t be good.

I think it’s fair to mention that there will be another full solar eclipse visible in 2024. That’s right. Seven years from now. You know seven is a special number. Right?

I’m sure the prophets will have a field day with that.

But the eclipse of 2017? It’s a party, for sure. Maybe you’re late in planning this party, but that’s OK. There’s not a whole lot of preparation required, unless you want to go out and buy some Moon Pies or make some space-inspired drinks. If you want to get all fancy, you can make your own DIY pinhole camera. Or you could do what I’m going to do and watch NASA’s livestream of the 2017 Eclipse.

But I’m not going to stop there. Every party has to have music. Especially and Eclipse Party. Here’s some music that should be on everyone’s Eclipse Party Playlist. Feel free to tell me in the comments if I should add a song to this list.

THE Epic Solar Eclipse Party Playlist

Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Duh. This is the no-brainer of no-brainers.

Man on the Moon

Fitting, since the Man on the Moon is doing some funky stuff to the sun.

Walkin’ on the Sun

Speaking of the sun…


“The Man in the Moon is smilin’
Cause he’s in love with the Girl in the World.”

Kinda sweet. Right?

Blue Moon

The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

A little nod to all the doomsday apocalyptic aficionados throughout the centuries who knew that an eclipse surely meant the beginning of the end…


OK, maybe this one’s a little of a stretch. But not really. Because maybe that’s no moon that’s causing the eclipse.*

Actually, this entry is dedicated to Aiden and his friend, Gabe. They introduced me the song.

So there you go. A great set of songs to get you ready for two minutes of awesomeness that you won’t see again for another seven years. And if, for some reason, you miss out on this year’s Eclipse, you can start planning ahead for 2024.

Assuming the sun lights back up and the world doesn’t end tomorrow.


* You see what I did there. Right? Man, I’m hilarious.
** There were two solar eclipses in 1999. But I don’t remember hearing about any solar eclipse parties.
***My memory might be a bit fuzzy on this. According to this, there was only one solar eclipse that was visible in North America when I was in elementary school. It was after Memorial Day, though. And I’m pretty sure we did not go to school after Memorial Day. But I could be wrong.
****That’s two posts in a row with Indiana Jones references. I’m on a roll, man. It’s time to go solo.

Call Me Crazy.

The interpretive gymnastics of a man who incorrectly predicted that the world would end in September, 1988 (or was it 1994? Or was it both?), are back again.  Of course, this begs the question: WHY would anyone listen to this guy who is saying the rapture is definitely happening this Saturday when he’s already gotten it wrong before? 

When I see the amount of attention this guy has gained in the press, on facebook, and on twitter, I can’t help but think, “Oh, man. They’re making all believers look crazy. They’re making me look crazy.”

I don’t mind crazy. In fact, I would love for someone to call me crazy. But not because of any end of the world talk. I firmly believe that we will not know the day nor the hour when Christ returns, but I join in all of creation in longing for that day.

I want to be called crazy because God’s love is pouring out of me so much that I will do whatever it takes to let others know about Him: Loving unconditionally, forgiving freely, giving sacrificially, and worshiping passionately.

I want to be called crazy because if God calls me to pick up and move my family halfway around the world, I’d sell whatever we don’t need and do exactly that.

I want to be called crazy because of my desire to care for orphans and the fatherless, even when it doesn’t make sense.

I want to be called crazy because everyone can see that I love my enemies in a way that defies reason and

I want to be called crazy because I believe in the power of God and that it is beyond anything we can comprehend or even imagine.

I want to be called crazy because I am trying to put into practice the things that Jesus told us and showed us. Things like denying myself, eating with sinners, and living without worry or fear.

Call me crazy. I’m such a long way away from this being evident in my life like it should be. How about you?

What do you want to be known for? 

Superhero movie & the end of the world

Tell me if you’ve heard this one: Despite warnings from colleagues and friends, a scientist/researcher embarks on a dangerous experiment that could lead to mass destruction and death.

Sounds like a plot from a bad superhero movie, right? Said scientist/researcher goes on with the experiment. Experiment goes bad. Things blow up. A new villain is born, intent on doing…well…bad stuff. And then, at humanity’s most desperate hour, the superhero swoops in and saves the day.

This is the scenario that keeps popping up in my head as I hear stories about the super collider that’s supposed to be turned on tomorrow (well, it’ll be tonight here…since Europe is several hours ahead of us) and all of the talk about how it’s going to cause this giant black hole and how the scientists won’t listen to the voices of concern.

Sounds like a lot of hype. Like the Y2K bug. Or the 9/9/99 ‘bug’ (remember that one)? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, huh?

If some guy starts running around in tights, breaks stuff, causing terror in everyone who sees him and he goes by the name “Atom Smasher,” or “The Collider” then we’ll know that something went horribly, horribly wrong.

Sounds like a job for Superman.

On a somewhat related, yet remarkably unrelated note, has anyone else had this song going through their head all day?

It’s probably just me.