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Get ready for Star Wars Day with these Star Wars t-shirts!

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May the Fourth be with you. #StarWarsDay

Star Wars Day is just around the corner!

As we’re preparing our blue milk, Ewok dance parties, and revving up our x-wings for another assault on an Imperial weapon, we’ve got to make sure to celebrate in style. Right? I’ve found a few fabulous t-shirts you should check out as we prepare to celebrate the love on Star Wars Day.

“Stay on target!”

I think this one’s my favorite. It quotes quote Gold Five during an intense moment in A New Hope’s climactic Death Star Assault. And of course I would hope someone would tell me to loosen up if they saw me in this shirt. But this is also some pretty good advice for life in general. Don’t you think?

Free* Boba Fett shirt

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A tale of two Star Wars Days

I’m about to get my geek on. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

A Star Wars Day Hipster

I remember making a “May the 4th” reference several years ago. I think I might have still been in grad school at the time. I thought the play on words was fun. So I shared it as an update on a social network – possibly on Myspace, but maybe on Facebook. I don’t remember the specifics and I can’t find the status anywhere, but I remember saying something like “Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you! (Yes, it’s corny. Don’t kill the messenger)” And I do know that the earliest reference I can find on this blog is from 2007. Once I learned about this quirky day, I was determined to celebrate it the following year.

And I did.

May the 4th be with you

A few other Star Wars geeks mentioned Star Wars Day. With a wink and a nod, I noticed a few more references to the Day that following year. And the year after that. But there really weren’t very many people making that big of a deal about May 4th. And that was OK. I was kind of used to being a loner when it came to being a fan of Star Wars. But it eventually caught on. So you could say that I liked Star Wars Day back before it was cool.

I guess that makes me some kind of Star Wars Day Hipster.

Jumping on the Bandwagon

When I logged onto facebook on May 4 of this year, I was kind of shocked at what I saw. It seemed like everyone and their brother was posting about May 4th and Star Wars Day. In some ways, it warmed my heart. Continue reading A tale of two Star Wars Days

Our epic Star Wars breakfast

I promised that this year’s May 4th breakfast was going to be epic. I think this was a pretty good effort. Don’t you agree?

Epic Star Wars Breakfast #MayThe4thBeWithYou

Here’s a breakdown of what we had:

Millennium Falcon Shooter

Inspiration: I had originally called this the Death Star Shooter. And I still feel good about that name. But then I remembered that tradition states that the Millennium Falcon was inspired by a hamburger with an olive randomly placed beside the burger. So naming a breakfast sandwich that kind of looks like a mini cheeseburger after the Millennium Falcon makes total sense. Right?


1 slider bun
1/2 sausage patty
1/2 of a fried egg

It makes the most sense to make two Shooters at a time, since you really don’t want to waste half of an egg. Or if you really really like a lot of egg, you could put a whole egg on the sandwich. On Saturday, I cut a pound of sausage into patties. Then I cut those patties in half again. I cooked them Saturday afternoon and put them in the fridge so that would be one less thing I had to do on Sunday morning. It’s crazy enough trying to get out of here in time for church on Sunday morning without having to wait for sausage to fully cook.

On Sunday morning, I fried an egg and cut it in half after it was done cooking. I sprinkled a little shredded cheddar cheese on it and placed the egg on a slider bun with a reheated mini sausage patty.

Viola! Awesome Falcon Shooters!

Princess Leia Cinnamon Roll

Inspiration: Come on. Really?

Princess Leia cinnamon roll hair
image via


Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. A cop-out? Probably. But I’m OK with that.

Tatooine Sunrise

Inspiration: The binary sunset on Tatooine. But I couldn’t really call this a sunset because it was for breakfast. So it really needed to be called a Sunrise.

I guess you could also say it was inspired by a tequila sunrise, too. But there isn’t any alcohol in it. Or grenadine. So we’ll just say that I came up with this all on my own. 🙂


3/4 glass of orange juice
splash of strawberry Sunkist

If I was thinking, I would’ve included 2 thin slices of clementine orange to represent the two suns of Tatooine.

Oh well. There’s always next year!

I think it’s safe to say that this year’s Star Wars breakfast for Star Wars Day lived up to the hype. It was pretty spectacular.

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone! What awesome things did you do to recognize the day?


Happy Star Wars MONTH, y’all!

Happy Star Wars MONTH

With Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you!), Revenge of the 6th, and a whole bunch of anniversaries commemorating the opening days of the Star Wars saga, there is a lot of Star Wars awesomeness to go around. So I’ve decided to dedicate the whole month to Star Wars.

That’s right. We cannot limit our Star Wars celebration to merely one day anymore. It’s time to step up our game. It’s time to expand the Star Wars festivities to fill the entire month, not just one lousy day.

So let us make merry this fine first day of May. Grab an Ewok and dance. Ask your sweetheart to put cinnamon rolls on her head. Swing your lightsabers round and round. And stop trying to adapt your speeders to the cold (because it is Spring, after all). We’re gonna party like it’s a long time ago in a galaxy far far away!




So happy Star Wars month, y’all! And remember: the Force will be with you.


Help me, Obiwan Canreadmyblog! You’re my only hope!

"You're my only hope..." Star Wars A New Hope

Wow. That title is kind of lame. I bet it doesn’t sound as bad when you read it out loud while holding giant cinnamon buns on your head.

Go ahead.

I’ll wait.

Well? What did you think? Still lame? Probably. But I wasn’t the one holding cinnamon buns on my head now, was I? Who’s the more foolish now?

Anyway…where was I? Right…

A long time ago…back when we had two kids instead of three…I did some digital magic and put my kids in a Star Wars scene. See?

 photo KidsonTauntaun.jpg

As you know, we have three kids now. So I need to come up with a new Star Wars picture that I can put all three of them in. Any ideas? The only one I can think of so far is Ewoks. But I’m not sure what I think about that. Of course, it doesn’t really help that the Star Wars trilogy is woefully lacking in characters that aren’t white guys. Or crazy-looking aliens. Or wearing helmets. So that kind of limits what we can do for two-thirds of my kids.

Any suggestions? I’m all ears. I’m not really asking you to do the photo for me, unless you want to show off your mad digital photo Jedi skillz. I just need ideas. I’d like to be able to have this put together by Saturday. You know….Star Wars Day!

This is our most desperate hour….

You’re my only hope!