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Thank you, Peyton.

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Thank You Peyton

I have been a Peyton Manning fan ever since I was in college. He was in college, too. We went to school less than two hours away from each other. Of course, he had no idea who I am. Never did. And that’s OK.

Because I sure knew who he was.

I remember when he announced he was sticking around the University of Tennessee for senior year. It was a big deal. And the news spread throughout East Tennessee like wildfire. I also remember hearing about the giant “Thank you, Peyton!” billboard that some Vol fans had installed.

My dad was a fan of Tennessee football. So, naturally, I became a fan of Tennessee football. Growing up, I cheered for them (except when they played Indiana ). It was easy to continue cheering for Tennessee while I was at Milligan.  Continue reading Thank you, Peyton.

Why I’m glad Peyton is no longer a Colt

Peyton Manning conducting Rocky Top at Neyland Stadium
image via Washington Post

I’ve been a fan of Petyon Manning’s since we lived in the long, orange shadow of the Vols while he was playing for Tennessee. I was excited that he was drafted by the Colts. I, like the rest of Indianapolis, was sad to watch this press conference not too long ago:

Apparently, some people still think that Irsay made the wrong call. Some people think that Manning should still be a Colt.

While I wish Peyton was still wearing the Blue Horseshoe, I’m glad he is no longer playing for Indianapolis. I have 41 reasons why. Some of them are pretty vicious.

Andrew Luck getting sacked by the Vikings
image via
Andrew Luck sacked by the Bears
image via NY Daily News
Andrew Luck getting sacked by the Redskins
image via Washington Post

Mr. Luck spent a lot of time on the ground last year. Peyton Manning playing behind that kind of “protection” could have led been career-ending. Watch that video again and imagine #18 getting hit like that. I realize and appreciate how violent football can be. I realize that Manning got hit in Denver last year. But he didn’t get hit as much as Luck did. He was only sacked 21 times.

In case Skip Bayless didn’t know, that’s twenty fewer sacks than the Colts offensive line allowed. Getting hit like that can take its toll on the body. And remember – no one really knew how Peyton’s neck was going to hold up last year.

I’m glad Peyton landed on his feet. I’m glad he’s shattering all those records in Denver. I hope he keeps doing well. And there will always be part of me that wishes he was still a Colt. But not after last season. Because I’m not entirely sure he would have survived last season. The way that O-line played last year, Mr. Manning could still be a former Colt.

I’m much happier seeing him on the field instead of out of the game altogether. That being said, it’s still going to be tough watching the Colts hit him (assuming, of course, they can get to the quarterback – something they couldn’t do last night).

You might disagree with me. You still might think it was a terrible decision to cut ties with #18. That’s OK. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

Unless you’re Skip Bayless.

#TwitterTuesday is back and better than ever!


Yeah, I know. It’s been a while. But I promise you that this #TwitterTuesday installment is well worth the wait. This installment covers a variety of topics – from Breaking Bad to college football to the Fall Festival.

Yeah. It’s on my….I mean….Aiden’s Christmas list, too. I must say, the wait to find out what happens to the Wingfeathers is almost unbearable. If I don’t find out soon, I might start acting like a Fang of Dang.

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who didn’t watch Breaking Bad.

Congratulations, Dr. Hoover! We’re proud of you!

Christy’s going to be quite happy about this new development.

Which will happen first? The Hoosiers going to a BCS title game or Alabama going to the Final Four?

I have something to say to Skip and those who think like him. A post should be coming shortly.

Woah. That’s heavy.

Love love love the Fall Festival! Love that Chuck Lofton loves the Fall Festival, too!


John, Christy’s brother in-law, was given tickets to Friday’s home preseason opener for the Colts as they hosted the Redskins. He couldn’t go. So he gave them to us. So…I was able to accomplish number 83 on my 101(ish) Things list!

Needless to say, Aiden was excited. He wore his Dallas Clark jersey to school with pride. It didn’t matter that it was preseason. It didn’t matter that we knew Manning wasn’t going to take a snap. He was pumped!

So was I, to be honest. Of course, I’ve been trying for years to convince him that the preseason doesn’t matter one lick. And I think he realized that. He didn’t really care about the score (which is a good thing. Colts lost 16-3 and looked much worse than the score indicated). But he yelled and cheered like it was a playoff game.

Not sure if Marshall is happy with the Colts calling themselves the Herd. Then again, I doubt Texas A&M is very happy they use the term “12th Man,” either.

The roof was open when we got there. So was the side window. I hadn’t been inside the stadium when them open like that. It was pretty cool. I still think they should open it for the Final Four. Of course, we know that will never happen.

The open window is really cool. Except when you’re going up the escalator and can’t see anything except the sky up above you. You kind of feel like you’re about to fall off the edge of the earth. And if you don’t really like heights…well…it’s not the most comforting of feelings.

They did have to close the roof and the big window during the game. I thought that wasn’t allowed during the game. Maybe they could do it because it was preseason. I don’t know. I do know, however, that watching the roof and the window close just might have been the most exciting thing the crowd watched that night. And yes, I was tempted to howl like Chewbacca as they closed the doors. Tempted. But I didn’t.

And yes. The Colts looked that bad.

Another highlight was seeing Pat Mcafee punt. Which he did a lot. And he hit a guy pretty hard on a return. Good thing, too. That guy could’ve scored. But the punter was the highlight of the game for the Colts.

Yes. They were that bad.

In spite of the on-field performance, we had a great time. And no Colts game is complete without a post-game press conference.

Think he’s channeling his inner Jim Mora?

It was a moment neither one of us will ever forget. I’m glad I got to cross it off my list. But I’m even more happy that I got to share an amazing memory with Aiden!

Fear the Horseshoe! Go Colts!

Da Colts…Super Bowl Champs!

Our family when the Colts won the Super Bowl

Yep – Indy won. Although no one was jumping up and down in our house at the end of the game (it was rather anti-climactic compared to the last game), we’re all pretty excited about the newly crowned Super Bowl Champs! And on top of that, Manning finally beat a Quarterback from the Florida Gators! I’m not sure if he’s really the MVP, but I can’t think of anyone else they should have given it to. Unless, of course, they would pick the entire Colts Defense. That’s right. I said Colts Defense. You know, the one that couldn’t stop a Runningback all season…yeah….that Defense. It was that same Defense that won the game tonight.

Like every other Colts fan, I was a little concerned after Hester ran the opening kickoff for a touchdown and then Manning threw an interception. I kept telling everyone at our party that the “Colts have them exactly where they want them…They’re trying to lull the Bears into a false sense of security…It’s like the rope-a-dope.” I tried to convince everyone (and myself) that it wasn’t just wishful thinking. Fortunately, it wasn’t.

Speaking of the party, it went really well. We had tons of food – as is expected at a Super Bowl party. Everyone was interested in the game this year, so it had a different feel than most of the other Super Bowl parties I’ve been to where the majority of people are there just to watch the commercials. In all, I think we had about 20 people or so.

Colts cheerleader and Colts player at our Super Bowl party
A Colts cheerleader and a Colts player. Are you ready for some football?

Celebrating the Colts receiving the Vince Lombardi Trophy Colts Super Bowl Champs
Celebrating the win with the Vince Lombardi Trophy.  That’s Coach Shula carrying the trophy through the gathering of Colts who can’t wait to get their hands on it!

Reggie Wayne autograph Colts Super Bowl Champs
Blue streamers hung from doorways and throughout the living room and kitchen (sorry – I forgot to take a picture of them…although you can see some streamers on the entertainment center in the above picture).  And Christy bought some cool football-themed serving dishes.  The centerpiece, however, was this Reggie Wayne (Aiden pronounces it “Wedgie Wayne”) autograph. [info]kmtodd23 got one each for the kids back when Reggie was a rookie.  Now he’s Super Bowl Champion Reggie Wayne.

Man that sounds good….

Colts are Super Bowl Champions!

I’m losing my voice, so it’s probably time for me to get to bed.

In honor of a great game from da Bears, here’s a little piece of cultural history…

Edit:So, I had a clip from Youtube posted on here from SNL of the Superfans…you know, the guys who sat around a bar table and kept talking about “Da Bears.” But it’s apparently been taken down because of copyright violations. Some kind of disagreement with Viacom. Oh well…