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Mihret and Her Mysterious Lost Tooth

Lost Tooth
30+ years ago The Todd House Evansville, Indiana There I was, sitting at the kitchen table in our small house in Evansville. I was eating the last of my Cheerios and planning out the rest of my day without a care in the world. Sesame Street. I had...
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Great news about Mihret’s eyes!

Mihret's Eyes
Sometime last year, Mihret’s ophthalmologist noticed what looked like cataracts forming on her eyes. While he was concerned about this development, there wasn’t really anything to be done at the time. He just wanted to keep an eye on them (no pun intended). He saw her again at...
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Dear Santa: Mihret’s a big fan

Mihret became a big fan of Santa’s this year. She had been talking about him and singing about him since before Thanksgiving. She got to visit Santa on at least three (!!!) separate occasions before Christmas this year. On the way home from a Christmas Eve service at a...
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MIHRET (a poem)

Who’s the strongest of them all? Who’s even smarter yet? Whose smile lights up a room? Well, that would be Mihret! Her eyes mesmerize you, ever alert, Her full attention you always get. And the love inside comes gushing out From our little Mihret. By feet and inches,...
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Mihret’s great adventure with Sparkles the Fish

Mihret’s Kindergarten class has a pet fish. Her name is Sparkles. Each weekend, a different classmate gets to bring Sparkles home and record the adventures she has in a traveling notebook. Sparkles came home with Mihret on Friday. Aiden and Alyson were away at a church retreat for...
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Flashback Friday :: Show Hope

This weekend, we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of a ministry that has touched more than 4,000 lives – including our own. It’s only fitting that today’s Flashback Friday points back to this post, discussing how God used Show Hope to change our family and to help stretch my...
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Excuse me while I brag about my kids

Christy and I have the honor and privilege of parenting three pretty amazing kids. In the last day and a half, each child has had an opportunity to shine brightly in his or her own way. It’s been pretty special to watch. So if you don’t mind, I’m...
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