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Flashback Friday: Our first date

James and the Giant Peach movie poster

As mentioned earlier, our anniversary is coming up. So I’m feeling a little nostalgic. Here’s the story of our first date…

Then we went to see James and the Giant Peach. It was one of Christy’s favorite books as a child. So we went. Let’s just say the movie wasn’t nearly as good as the book. So the place where we ate dinner on our first date went out of business shortly after that. And the movie we watched wasn’t very good. If those were a way to gauge the future of our relationship, you’d think we were doomed.’

Fortunately, those aren’t very good indicators.

You can read the whole story here.

On a side note, I recently discovered that James and the Giant Peach is available on netflix. I’m shocked (SHOCKED, I tell you!) that we haven’t watched it since the discovery. 😉


Flashback Friday :: Carowinds edition

With all this talk about theme parks and rides and roller coasters and such, I figure it’s fitting to look back on our trip we took to Carowinds with the Brown family a few years ago. One could argue that this trip was a pivotal moment for our family – on many levels.

Carolina Cobra at Carowinds Park

Never thought Aiden would like roller coasters very much. He does. He and his thrill-seeker sister have declared the Carolina Cobra to be their favorite amusement park ride of all-time. It’s definitely one of my top five coasters (Note to self: Share a list of my top-five coasters). It impacted us so much that I even wound up preaching about it the following Sunday. (seriously!)

read the rest here

So….I guess I should finally get around to writing that list of favorite coasters, huh?

Flashback Friday :: National Donut Day


Happy National Donut Day, everyone! Have you celebrated with a free donut yet? It’s definitely worthy of celebrating, don’t you think?

Today’s a special day for me, even though I probably won’t have a donut on National Donut Day – all because of a series of events that went into motion four years ago on this day.

God used something as simple as a mindless status update to spark a conversation that led to a friend finding his way back to God. Some are arguing that facebook is killing our souls. Maybe it is. But it can also help change someone with a life-changing message.

Read the whole story here.

I’m continually amazed at how God can use little, seemingly insignificant things and turn them into beautiful and life-changing.

Thank God for Donut Day. And thank God for His unending grace!

Flashback Friday :: Show Hope

Mihret at the Care Center in Addis Ababa

This weekend, we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of a ministry that has touched more than 4,000 lives – including our own. It’s only fitting that today’s Flashback Friday points back to this post, discussing how God used Show Hope to change our family and to help stretch my faith in ways I’d never imagined.

I’ve heard all kinds of adoption stories about how God provides. I half-heartedly wrote them off by saying to myself, “Yeah, yeah. I know God provides. And that’s what you’re supposed to say in this situation.” To me, it had become the expected Sunday School answer, just like how “Moses” or “Elijah” are always the answers to Old Testament questions and “Jesus” or “Paul” are the go-to answers for New Testament questions. But this was no fluke. This was no Sunday School answer that everyone expects to hear. I am convinced that God moved this mountain before we even knew it was in our way. And our family is grateful to the people who work with and support Show Hope for allowing God use them as an instrument of His grace, love, and provision.

Read the rest of the story here.

Flashback Friday: Rich Mullins

This trailer for Ragamuffin, the story about Rich Mullins, was released this week. I cannot wait for this movie. Yes, I’m more excited about this movie than I am about Star Trek and Iron Man.

True, the man playing Rich doesn’t have Rich’s voice. Not sure anyone has a speaking voice like his. But he captures his speech pattern and accent pretty well. As I watched this trailer, I couldn’t help but remember my one-on-one encounter with Rich Mullins oh so many years ago…

The Summer of ’97 was the year I stuck around at Milligan and took summer classes. I was walking into the Student Union Building (commonly referred to as the SUB…I know – creative, isn’t it?) for a reason that I can’t recall. I do remember that it was hot and I had on my Chewbacca t-shirt. As I walked in, I saw Rich walking with someone else (I had no idea who the other guy was…still don’t). Rich had on some jeans and a plain white t-shirt. He walked by me and said, “Hey, nice shirt!”

All I could muster was, “Thanks,” as he walked out the building. I’ll never wash this shirt again, I thought to myself. Then I kicked myself for not grabbing him and thanking him for the influence his music had been in my life.

The story doesn’t end there, though. If you haven’t read it, you have to read what happens next.

Flashback Friday: Star Wars Day Eve Edition

Me and Vader

Flashback Friday took a brief hiatus while I did the A to Z Challenge. But now it’s back. I know you’re excited. And you should be. This is a super-special Flashback Friday because today is May 3: Star Wars Day Eve! It’s time to get out your Star Wars Day tree and lightsaber popsicles and napkins and blue milk cupcakes in preparation for Star Wars Day on May 4 (“May the 4th be with you!”). While our family is busy picking out our Star Wars related outfits to wear to our local comic book store for Free Comic Book Day tomorrow (you think I’m joking. I’m not joking), I’d like to share a few drawings from the kids from years gone by. Maybe they’ll help you get in the Star Wars Day spirit.

Yoda vs. AT-AT
Yoda vs. an AT-AT, by Aiden (age 5)

Luke and Darth VaderLuke and Darth Vader, by Aly (age 7)

Are you doing anything for Star Wars Day? It’s a great excuse to curl up with your homemade Jabba the Hutt body pillow while hosting a Trilogy marathon or a JarJar voodoo doll making party. Or maybe you have some better ideas.

Yoda Hat
image via lids

I’m all ears.

Princess Juice [Flashback Friday]

Princess Aly meets Princess Cinderella. Maybe they're talking about Princess Juice

They gave Christy some Princess Juice to take the edge off in preparation for surgery on Tuesday. Why do we call it Princess Juice? Well….it’s all because of Aly. Unfortunately, the Princess Juice didn’t have quite the same effect on Christy as it did on Aly…

This ENT is very good! He’s the only doctor Alyson has ever allowed to look into her ears without putting up a fight. When he came to visit, the happy juice was already working. She waved at him and after he talked to us for a few minutes, she watched him go through the door leading to the operation room (at least, that’s where I assume the door went). As soon as the door closed, it opened again and a different man came out of the operating room. Alyson kept looking at him and said… [read the rest here]

It was pretty easy for Aly to make the leap from Happy Juice to Princess Juice. And we haven’t looked back since.

Flashback Friday: Birthday Edition

image via
Image via

This birthday celebration could go down as the most memorable in history. I can’t imagine how it could be topped. To be honest, I’m kind of scared about the idea of someone trying to top it…

My birthday is March 1. Becky is my “almost-twin,” with her birthday really close to mine (I don’t know if she wants her birthdate broadcast, so we’ll leave it at that). In the few days leading up to our birthdays, Heather announced that we were going to have a big birthday extravaganza one evening at dinner. She hyped it up every day until that fateful evening.

When I arrived at the party that evening, there were two chairs at the end of the tables with big signs attached saying “Birthday Boy” and “Birthday Girl.” I’m not one to like having attention drawn to myself. So, agreeing to sit in the Birthday Boy chair was kind of a big deal. I got several birthday wishes from people and I was OK with that. It was a nice little shindig, but I wouldn’t call it anything earth-shattering.

Until… (read the rest here)

I love my friends.