Howdy. I'm Matt Todd. My wife and I have four kids and a dog,. I'm passionate about orphan care. I'm a die-hard fan of the Evansville Aces, the Indiana Hoosiers, and Star Wars. I'm trying to live life by the Todd family motto: "It behooves us to live!"

Stuck on Saturday

Light piercing the darkness after Holy Saturday

Yesterday was Good Friday – the day Jesus was crucified on the cross. It’s the day that the Son of God himself was executed. His enemies were victorious. His followers were in disarray. It’s the day that is remembered throughout the world because without Good Friday, we couldn’t have Easter. Without the death of Jesus on the cross, we wouldn’t be celebrating his resurrection three days later.

And that’s what we like to do in churches. We recognize and even celebrate Good Friday, but then we skip ahead to the celebration on Sunday, reminding everyone that it’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming. Somehow during this remembering and celebration we minimize the fact that there is a Saturday in this story. And it feels pretty bleak.

Imagine with me for a moment that you’ve been following this man throughout the countryside. He’s proclaimed Truth. He’s healed many. Throngs of people greeted him. He had performed countless miracles. People’s lives were changed. Your life was changed.

You were there when he entered Jerusalem and was greeted with crowds of people shouting “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” And you watched them make a path out of palm leaves as you followed him through the city.

Then the bottom fell out.

Within a matter of hours, your leader was betrayed, condemned by the authorities, and publicly executed by the State. Everything you thought you knew was proven wrong. The hours following Good Friday were a frightening, lonely, and hopeless time. They had no idea that their world was about to be changed and everything Jesus had promised was about to come true. They were surrounded by darkness, questioning everything they believed.

And the demons celebrated. All signs had pointed to hell’s victory. Evil had triumphed over good. Everything was spiraling out of control.

I’ve been there.

You’ve probably been there, too. If you haven’t been there yet, you will be someday. It’s part of the human experience. You could suddenly lose your job and find yourself wondering what on earth you’re going to do next when the bills are piling up. I remember waking up the day after my father in law died, hoping against hope that everything had been just a dream. I had a similar hope when my nephew died. Life is full of our own personal Holy Saturday moments.

Some people never leave their dark Saturdays. It’s like they’re stuck. They’re stuck on Saturday. And it’s because so many people are stuck on Saturday that we cannot rush through Saturday to get to Easter Sunday.

If you’re feeling isolated, abandoned, or alone, this day’s a great reminder for you. Maybe you are heartbroken, betrayed, or feeling completely helpless and hopeless. This day’s a great reminder for you.

If you feel like nobody is listening to you, this day’s a great reminder for you. And if it feels like your prayers are just bouncing off the ceiling and God doesn’t really care, this day’s a great reminder for you.

If the reality of death is looming over you, this day’s a great reminder for you.

If you’re surrounded by darkness and despair, this day is a great reminder for you. Light and life are about to burst forth out of the tomb. The world is about to be turned upside down.

It’s Saturday.
But Sunday morning is coming.

Do you see it? The light is peeking around the corner. The darkness will not last forever. Let me say this again: the darkness will not last forever. It’s Saturday. But Sunday morning is just beyond the horizon. It is about to pierce through the darkness. Do you see it?



F is for Final Four Fan Fest


F is for Final Four Fan Fest

“Basketball really had its origin in Indiana, which remains the center of the sport.”James Naismith

Rumor has it that Indianapolis received some rave reviews about this year’s Final Four. And why not? Basketball rules the roost in Indiana. And Men’s Final Four weekend is a great celebration of all things basketball. Combining the two? Well, it just makes sense. Kind of like peanut butter and jelly. It’s the perfect combination.

So we spent Sunday afternoon/evening in Indy. It was not your typical Easter Sunday for us, but at least we managed to have some ham sandwiches on the way to the festivities.

#FinalFour #Indy

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We joined 3,500 other kids in a giant basketball parade, dribbling through the streets of downtown Indy. There were a few organizational speedbumps in getting the whole thing started, but that’s probably to be expected. Once we were on the road, there was nothing to stop us.

Waiting to get our dribble on. #FinalFour #FanFest #Indy

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Mihret has mad ball handling skills #FinalFour #Indy

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We also got to play around in the Fan Experience inside the Convention Center. Then we got to ride a Ferris Wheel and hear some live music. For the whole day, we spent a grand total of five bucks. And that was to park. I’m not sure you can beat that deal!

Dunk King #FinalFour #Indy #FanFest

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Final Four Fan Fest

Final Four Fan Fest

Final Four Fan Fest


Lady Antebellum. Can you tell? #FinalFour #JamFest #Indy

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It was a great day full of fun, family, and music. And walking. Lots of walking.

Not a bad way to spend your Sunday afternoon, though. We can’t wait for the Final Four to return in five years!

All Star dribblers. #FinalFour #Indy #dribble

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Easter Sunday

I’ll finish sharing vacation pictures over the next few days.

So, while you anxiously await the Disney magic caught on (digital) film, I pray you had a great Easter Sunday and will continue to live on this side of the empty tomb!

He is risen!

I’m Confused…What’s the Debate?

How does this discovery ‘fly in the face’ of Christianity?

It’s no secret that there was already a deeply-rooted messianic expectation before the birth of Jesus.

Is this just another example of the media hype-machine making something a bigger deal than it really is? I have to admit that I haven’t read too much about the Gabriel Stone, but I don’t see what’s so controversial about this discovery.

More Easter Pics

I was planning on posting Aly’s egg story today, but I can’t remember all of the details.  Once I do, I’ll gladly post the story, as requested by

.   We had close to 20 people over for Easter dinner today.  Here are a few pictures from the egg-stravaganza (I know – I’m so hilarious, ain’t I?)

The Todd family all dressed up.

Aly & her Easter bonnet and purse.

The kids table

This was the best picture I could manage of the dinner table layout.

The after-dinner Easter egg hunt has apparently become an annual tradition.  Caleb told us he “brought 120 eggs” for us to hide.  It wasn’t quite that many, but there were a lot!

The kids are opening an Easter present from Mamaw and Papaw.

A net to catch bugs!  You have no idea how happy the kids were.

Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny came last night.  I think this is the first year they’ve really gotten excited about the Easter Bunny.  Aiden probably would have gone to bed at 8:00 last night if we would have let him.  We didn’t because he would have gotten up at 5 this morning, and the Easter Bunny wouldn’t have been done hiding the eggs (he waited till morning so they wouldn’t go bad.  We appreciate his thoughtfulness.  Now we can have egg salad and tuna salad without worrying about Salmonella…thanks for looking out for us, Easter Bunny!).

Here are the kids’ baskets after they set them out last night.  Can you tell which basket is whose?  One is very ordered and in straight lines.  The other is ordered, but in a more artsy, creative way.  Yes – these baskets are pretty good metaphors of our kids’ personalities (in general…they both can be pretty creative, though).

Easter Bunny might have gone a little overboard this year.  There’s enough candy to last a year.  But that’s OK.  It’s Easter.