Howdy. I'm Matt Todd. My wife and I have four kids and a dog,. I'm passionate about orphan care. I'm a die-hard fan of the Evansville Aces, the Indiana Hoosiers, and Star Wars. I'm trying to live life by the Todd family motto: "It behooves us to live!"

These Cookie Crisp Asteroid Treats are out of this world!

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Cookie Crisp Asteroid Treats #FoodAwakens

The Star Wars™ franchise evokes some pretty strong emotions for me. One of the first movies I remember watching in the theaters was one of the films in the original trilogy. I remember the drama, the flashing lights, the roar of the giant spaceships, the funky aliens, and the intense battles on other worlds. The larger than life story that unfolded on the big screen captivated me in a way that no other film has ever come close.

I was already a big fan. I loved the Star Wars™ toys. I would play for hours with my neighborhood friends. One of my favorite things to do was to turn the space under our kitchen  table into a huge base for the good guys. It was safe in there. And we could plot the final push against the tyrannical forces of evil.

A perfect base #FoodAwakens

I think it’s safe to say that the kitchen table was the perfect base for the good guys. It could serve as an ice cave, protecting them from the harsh elements of a frozen planet. Or it could easily convert to a giant spaceship, headed to meet the enemy head-on. Or it could also become a base in some forested terrain with giant trees that provide a canopy of protection over the heroes as they hide from their foes.

While growing up, the perfect morning for me would have begun with an hour or two underneath the kitchen table, preparing my base for battle. Then I’d probably listen to the Star Wars™ storybook on my little record player in my room. Then the galactic battles would begin and I’d play with my Star Wars™ toys for the rest of the day. Or maybe my friends and I would go outside and re-enact one of the climactic battles outside. I would only slow down in time to eat some breakfast. For breakfast of choice? Why, Cookie Crisp, of course. Finding a toy inside the cereal box would have been the proverbial icing on the proverbial cake.

Free toy in Cookie Crisp #FoodAwakens

This is an exciting time for our family. Like many dads who grew up on a steady diet of Star Wars™ films, books, costumes, toys, and Saturday morning cartoons, I faithfully did my duty and raised my kids to be fans of the same cinematic universe. So we’re all counting down the days until the release of the next chapter in the saga. Continue reading These Cookie Crisp Asteroid Treats are out of this world!

Great Savings on RO*TEL at Walmart!

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Great Savings on RO*TEL at Walmart!

Great Savings on RO*TEL at Walmart! #JustAddRotel #ad

Are you creating a big snacking spread for the Big Tournament? Looking for ways to spice up game day and save money at the same time? #JustAddRotel is the perfect way to spice up your favorite recipes. From guacamole to pot roast sliders, adding a can of RO*TEL makes a traditional game day recipe into something extraordinary. Click this link to print a Walmart coupon where you buy 3 cans of RO*TEL, you will get 1 can free!

 Great Savings on RO*TEL at Walmart! #JustAddRotel #ad

Hurry, this coupon expires on April 6th and is only while supplies last! Be sure to look for RO*TEL in either the Pasta or Hispanic aisle in Walmart!

Why not share this coupon with your friends? After all, sharing IS caring!

You know, when I think about using RO*TEL to create something great to eat while watching a sporting event like the Big Tournament, the first thing that comes to mind is their famous queso dip. And that’s great. I love RO*TEL queso. But did you know that there’s so much more you can do with RO*TEL? I put together this Pinterest board to share some of the awesome things you can make with RO*TEL.

Follow Matt Todd’s board Awesome RO*TEL recipes (#ad) on Pinterest.

See? This is why you need this coupon. You don’t want to run out of RO*TEL when you’re making all these recipes!

What recipe are you look forward to trying after you use the buy 3 get 1 free coupon at Walmart?

Do  have your own “go-to” recipe that uses RO*TEL? Or are you going to give one of these amazing recipes a try? Please share in the comments.

And don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

We’re sending a Northpole gift to Ethiopia with love

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The Christmas Spirit has come early to our house this year! Because our adoption agency has officially matched our family with an older boy in Ethiopia, we can start sending him emails, letters, pictures, and care packages. That means we are able to send him Christmas gifts this year.

Let me say that again.

We’re sending Christmas gifts to our son in Ethiopia!!

To Ethiopia with love #NorthpoleFun #shop

Of course, we’d prefer to celebrate the holidays with him here with us at home, but we’re going to make the most of this opportunity and share this Christmas with our son who happens to be halfway around the world. It’s tempting to want to go overboard. But we won’t. I promise. We won’t. That wouldn’t be fair to anyone involved in this story.

I’ve thought long and hard about what to send him. We still don’t know a whole lot about him. What makes him tick? What’s his favorite color? What size clothes fit him best? Does he believe in Santa Claus? I honestly doubt he’s even heard of Santa. What about snow and snowmen and snow angels and snowballs and snowball fights? Has he ever had a snowball fight?

Well, considering that the coldest month only has an average low of around 40 degrees, it’s highly unlikely that he’s ever seen any significant snow accumulation. So it’s even less likely that he’s been involved in a snowball fight.
Avalauncher #NorthpoleFun

There’s always a chance of a white Christmas where we live. So this young man is in for a pretty big shock when he finally experiences Christmas with his new family. Thanks to Hallmark Northpole toys , he’ll know exactly what to do with the snow (once he gets over the initial shock at how cold snow actually is).

Northpole Collection at Walmart #Northpole #shop

The Avalauncher is available only at Walmart. It is a handheld launcher that sends ping pong sized foam snowballs soaring into the air. It’s such a blast to play with that we bought two of them . It also comes with mini cardboard targets so you can work on your aim in preparation for your next epic indoor snowball battle.

Avalauncher targets #NorthpoleFun #shop

Based on the upcoming movie on the Hallmark Channel, the Northpole toy line is full of fun toys, decorations, and gifts for the holiday season. You’re sure to find a gift for kids and adults of all ages.

In keeping with the childlike spirit of Northpole, I can’t wait to share this little piece of holiday fun with our new son! We won’t be sending the Avalauncher itself. He’ll have to wait until he’s home with us to play with that. But we are sending snowballs and the targets so he can practice his aim and be ready for an all-out snowball battle when he finally comes home with us.

We’ve already had several skirmishes and ambushes over the past few days. I think that tend will continue throughout the holiday season – and beyond!

I ambushed @cgfootballboy25 with some Avalauncher snowballs. #NorthpoleFun

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I can’t wait for him to receive this package. I also can’t wait to have our first video chat with him. Who knows? Maybe we’ll break out the Avalaunchers and snowballs and have an epic battle that spans halfway around the world. That would be pretty memorable. And making memories a key part of the holiday season.


Be a better princess with the Sleeping Beauty DVD

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Sleeping Beauty DVD at Walmart #DisneyBeauties
With the release of the Sleeping Beauty DVD and Blu-Ray, Disney has re-introduced one of the classic Disney Princesses to a new generation. As I mentioned before Mihret is a big fan of all of the Disney Princesses. So in honor of the release of Sleeping Beauty from the Disney Vault, we dressed up in our royal best and visited our local Walmart to celebrate.

In Store #DisneyBeauties

As we were shopping for the DVD and other princess goodies, Mihret and I talked about what qualities we liked in the Disney Princesses. Sure, they’re pretty. And most of them can sing with beautiful voices. But there’s more to being a Princess than these external characteristics. To be noble requires a goodness that comes from deep within your innermost being. The beauty of the #DisneyBeauties is truly more than just skin-deep.

#DisneyBeauties shopping spree


We bought a few Princess related items while we walked and talked in the store. I hope these items will help reinforce the strong inner virtues that the Disney Princesses possess. They can be some pretty important role models for Mihret.

Princesses are kind-hearted.

Princess Aurora is a kind-hearted soul. She fills her parents’ lives with sunshine. That’s a pretty remarkable reputation to have, isn’t it? She lit up the room with her joy. Even in the midst of difficult circumstances (what’s more difficult than having the self-proclaimed Mistress of all Evil wanting you dead?), we can choose to live our lives in such a way hat we’re always filling other people’s lives with sunshine.

Can’t we?

Sunshine #DisneyBeauties


Being a Princess means you’re kind-hearted and bring cheer to others. That is certainly a Princess quality I hope my daughters display throughout their lives.

Princesses are determined problem solvers.

Do you remember when Mulan climbed that pole with those weights tied around her wrists? She was determined to solve that puzzle. She didn’t give up. She had the courage and determination to get the job done with whateveer it took.

Puzzle #DisneyBeauties


Mihret shows similar problem solving skills when she’s putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Much like Mulan, she is a very determined girl who refuses to listen when someone says, “You can’t do that.”

Princesses are creative.



Ariel’s creativity shines when she explains what all her gadgets, gizmos a-plenty, whosits, whatsits galore, and thingamabobs. Her creativity and her inquisitive nature work hand in hand, don’t they? an adventurous, curious, creative spirit is something that should be encouraged in our daughters.

I know.

Reading that might make you a little bit nervous. Free spirits like this can get into trouble pretty easily. And that makes parents like me a bit uneasy. Daughters like that can keep you on your toes. They might even make your hair turn white.

Kind of like King Triton’s hair.

Creative Coloring #DisneyBeauties


You know something? I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love having daughters who aren’t afraid to color outside the lines a little bit. it seems like their creativity knows no bounds. And I want to do whatever I can as their Dad to keep encouraging them to be the creative and curious free spirits I know they are. It’s just a small (but important) part of what makes my daughters such beautiful Princesses. And I want to keep encouraging that spirit to grow within them throughout their lives.

It might cause some bumps along the way. But the ride is worth it. Princesses make the journey one for the storybooks. I know mine have.

Oh, and Mihret also wanted me to tell you that Ariel is pretty neat because she can swim around and around and around. So she has that going for her, too!

What’s YOUR Princess like? How do Disney Princesses inspire her?

Our daughter’s princess makeover

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Hear ye! Hear ye! We are in the Presence of Royalty!

We celebrated Mihret’s birthday over the weekend and it looks like we have a little princess on our hands. I don’t think that should really come as a surprise to anyone, though. From Princess Sophia to Princess Merida, she loves all the Disney Princesses. Her favorite, however, is Ariel. She could watch The Little Mermaid all day, every day if we would let her. I don’t know if it’s her stunning red hair or her amazing swimming ability or her beautiful voice or her creativity or her curiosity or some combination of these characteristics, but Mihret is a full-blown Ariel fan. So we just had to give her this little gift before her birthday party. It was like she had her own little princess makeover this weekend.

Mihret the Mermaid #DisneyBeauties

She was in heaven as she wore this costume around the house all day. With Halloween just around the corner, she’s going to have a lot of opportunities to dress up as Ariel all month long! There is a wide assortment of Disney Princess Halloween costumes available, but I know which princess will be gracing our presence this year.

An event fit for a princess.

In addition to her birthday and Halloween, I’m pretty excited about another event where Ariel-Mihret will be making an appearance. As a special way to celebrate the release of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty DVD and Sleeping Beauty Blu-Ray, Walmart is hosting a special Disney Princess event this coming Saturday.

Sleeping Beauty DVD at Walmart #DisneyBeauties

Grab your favorite princess (or prince), dress them up in their royal best as you party with the princesses this Saturday. Here are the details:


Saturday, October 11
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Your friendly neighborhood Walmart store
(click here for a list of participating stores)


Here’s just some of the fun that will be happening:

  • Disney Princess coloring and activity sheets
  • Photo opportunities with a cardboard Sleeping Beauty
  • Disney Princess cupcakes samples
  • Disney Princess character balloons (available for purchase)

A royal deal awaits.

In addition to the fun activities, there will be a special in-store coupon available from American Greetings at participating locations. It’s good for $3 off of any $10 purchase of Disney Princess themed party supplies. You don’t want to miss out on this royal deal, do you?

Join the fun!

I’ll be there with my mermaid princess. Will you? It should be an event that dreams are made of. You can join in the fun all week long by following the #DisneyBeauties hashtag on Twitter and Instagram!


Cheering up a friend with some game day food

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Game Day Food #TeamJellO

If you have spent any amount of time on this blog, you know that I’m an avid college sports enthusiast. I’m particularly fond of a particular team that wears cream and crimson and is located not too far from my home. Through thick and thin, I’m dedicated to this team. I understand what it means to be passionate about your favorite college team. That’s why my heart went out to our family friends when they had to face a very difficult sports-related decision. I’m hoping to use a Jell-O University Mold Kit to create some amazing tailgating food that will surely help ease this family’s pain.

Hook'em Jiggler #TeamJellO

My friends are die-hard fans of the Texas Longhorns. Just as I would bleed cream and crimson if you were to cut me, I am convinced that family would bleed burnt orange. As you would expect, this devotion to the Longhorns also means a certain dislike for their favorite team’s arch rival. I can understand that. I’m not a fan of the other major state school in Indiana – the one that wears black and gold. And don’t get me started on that blue and white team from the state to our south.

This rivalry between the Longhorns and that other in-state team that happens to wear maroon has been brewing for more than a hundred years. It runs deep. Very deep. So you can imagine the disappointment when my friend’s youngest son came home from his instructional league football practice with the news that their team is going to be that very same rival team. My friend’s son is going to have to wear maroon all season long.

As you might expect, they are heartbroken. There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Our friends are torn. What do they do? How do they support their son without compromising their beliefs and betraying all that they have held dear? How do they show that they love him even though they cannot imagine cheering for the maroon team all season long? I do not envy their position. I’m glad I never had to make such a decision with my kids and their instructional league teams. I did come pretty close to such a conundrum when my son was on a certain baseball team from the New England area, but that wasn’t nearly as big of a deal as this. While I cannot help them navigate the ins and outs of what colors they should wear (I can’t imagine them wearing anything maroon – ever) and when to cheer at their son’s games, I can be there for them. I can support them. I can bring a smile on their face.

Just in time for the football season, the new Jell-O Jigglers University Mold Kits make an awesome addition to any die-hard fan’s tailgating arsenal. I went to and bought the Hook’em University of Texas kit. These kits are available for 20 of the major collegiate athletics programs around the country. They can be found in store for your local university team, but since Austin, Texas, is more than a thousand miles away from central Indiana, it made a whole lot more sense to have them ship the kit to me.

Walmart #TeamJello screenshot

The kit arrived a few days later and I quickly went to work. This family was down on their luck. They needed some serious cheering up. This was a job for some Jell-O pie and University of Texas Jigglers.

Making the Hook’em Jigglers

Hook'em Jigglers University Mold Kit #TeamJellO

Shaped like the head of a Longhorn, these Jigglers were extremely easy to make. You simply spray the mold tray, mix the Jell-O in a bowl with some boiling water, and then pour the mix into the molds. It’s really as simple as that. The hardest part is the wait. You need to let them cool for three hours before you do anything with them. Since I love orange Jell-O, this was a challenge. But I toughed it out.

Making the Jell-O Pie

Jell-O Pie #TeamJello

While the Jigglers were cooling, I went about making the Jell-O Pie. It’s so silky and smooth and tasty, you’d think it took some serious culinary skill to create such a masterpiece. Fortunately for me, it was as easy as…well…as easy as pie. Here’s what you do to make a Jell-O pie:


  • 1 Pie crust. Baked. You can make your own from scratch if you’d like, but the premade, frozen variety works fine, too.
  • 1 Pint of vanilla ice cream. Softened.
  • 1 Box of Orange Jell-O mix. You can use any flavor mix that you’d like. I used orange because the Longhorns are orange and it just made sense.
  • 1 1/4 cup of boiling water.
  • 4 ounces (approximately) of whipped topping
  • 10 Jigglers


  1. Combine softened ice cream, Jell-O mix, and boiling water into a bowl. Stir until mixed through.
  2. Pour the mixture into the pie crust.
  3. Place pie in the refrigerator. Allow it to cool.
  4. Once it has cooled, add a layer of whipped topping.
  5. After your Jigglers have finished cooling, use them to decorate the top of the pie.

See? It’s amazingly simple. It might be a little time consuming, but it is definitely worth the wait!

Jell-O Pie with Jigglers #TeamJellO

I can’t wait to take these to my friends’ house. They’re going to love sharing their Texas Longhorns school spirit together! Even though they might have to endure the maroon for a short time, all of them are Longhorns to the core. This Jell-O pie and these Hook’em Jigglers are sure to knock their socks off!

Game winning combination #TeamJellO

The Hook’em University Mold Kit and Jell-O pie are a game-winning combination!


My smooth shave with the Gillette Fusion Proglide

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#SmoothSummer Header

I recently decided it was time to try out a few new looks. Thanks to the Gillette Fusion Proglide, I was able to get an amazingly smooth shave as I experimented with different styles of facial hair. I have to be honest when I tell you that I approached this journey with a little bit of fear and trepidation.

Here’s why:

When I was in high school, I tried to grow a beard. I tried to grow a mustache. I tried to grow a goatee. During the final weeks of marching band season during my Senior year, my buddies and I decided that we’d show our focus and dedication to the Band by not shaving. By the time our final performance rolled around, each of us had a little bit of fuzz on our chins, but that was about it. Looking back, our efforts were rather funny. But we thought we were cool.

Things changed once I moved away to college.

Since Fall Break of my Freshman year of college, I have had a goatee. A lot of things have happened since I started sporting that patch of hair on my chin. I fell in love with (and ultimately married) an amazing woman. I graduated from college. We’ve added three children to our family. My children have never seen me without hair on my face. Throughout the years, we’ve been through the highest of high mountaintop experiences and the lowest of low valleys. I think it’s safe to say that my goatee and I have been through a lot together. But after having the same look for such a long time, I decided it might be time to say goodbye to the old style.

The Gillette Fusion Proglide is powered with FlexBall technology. What does that mean? Well, it means that this razor responds to the contours of your face like no other razor can. It means that you can get those tricky corners and edges without any tugging or pulling. It means no more stubble five minutes after shaving. Do you hear me? NO MORE STUBBLE! A smooth shave is something everyone in my family can appreciate. And that’s something worth celebrating.

Want to join in the celebration? You can find the Gillette Fusion Proglide at your local Walmart.
Gillette Fusion Proglide available at Walmart
Can’t get enough smooth faces? Check out these #SmoothSummer faces on Pinterest. I especially like the link to celebrities with and without their iconic facial hair. It’s amazing how different a smooth face looks, isn’t it?

Follow Hairspray and HighHeels’s board Smooth Faces of Summer on Pinterest.

In regards to my own personal facial hair journey? The jury is still out on which style I’ll stick with long-term. Of course, my wife and kids get veto power over any style that I choose, but I’m curious: which one do you like best?

The full goatee?

Goatee #smoothsummer

The “Three Musketeers” Look?

Three Musketeers Look #smoothsummer

A Soul Patch (kinda)?

Soul Patch #smoothsummer

The Mustache?

Mustache #smoothsummer

A Totally Smooth Face?

Clean Shave #smoothsummer

Whatever style I wind up choosing, I know that the rest of my face will remain smooth with the Gillette Fusion Proglide.

These cheap(est) wireless plans help keep our family connected

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walmart Best plans

The problem

Having three kids in school means you have to juggle calendars – a lot. When you add extracurricular activities like football, volleyball, student council, and other after school events into the mix, things can get a little chaotic. Throw in some doctor’s appointments and there are weeks where it feels like our family calendar teeters dangerously close to the realm of insanity. Since the majority of the school week involves rushing children from one place to another, it’s easy to lose track of who is going where. We need to be able to contact each other easily. We decided to purchase cheap wireless plans for our two oldest kids. That way they don’t have to borrow someone else’s phone if their after-school meetings end early or if we happen to forget to pick them up.

Admit it. You’ve forgotten what time your child’s after school activity was over, too. That’s why our kids have phones now. We’ll be reminded if we do inadvertently forget what time we’re supposed to pick them up.

While shopping for phones for the kids, it became very obvious that Christy was in desperate need of a new phone. My wife never complained about the quality of her phone, but it was pretty apparent that her not-quite-smartphone really wasn’t going to cut the mustard anymore. She needed something that was lightweight, durable, and could manage all of our calendars and contact information. And a good camera would be nice. Oh yeah. It also needed to be affordable. And it needed to be part of a reliable network. Dropped calls are not acceptable.

Finding a quality phone and plan that fit our budget started to feel like a tall order.

#Phones4School Walmart location

Walmart best plans to the rescue!

Just in time for back to school shopping, Walmart has an incredible rollback deal on the Alcatel One Touch Evolve smartphone. Regularly priced at $79.88, it’s currently available for $29.88. That’s perfect for your #Phones4School shopping!

It’s really tough to beat Walmart Family Mobile as your service provider. They have recently dropped the price of their Unlimited Talk, Text & Web plan to only $34.88 a month. It’s a pretty remarkable deal. One we couldn’t pass up.

Walmart #Phones4School Collage

In addition to the great deal on the phone and the lowest priced unlimited plans around, Walmart Family Mobile has also taken to twitter to share some great tips for your phone. Oh, and they also have a sense of humor…

Why not give them a follow? It’ll be worth it.

Alcatel One Touch Evolve #Phones4School

As you can see, the phone comes with your standard equipment: a battery and a charger. It feels pretty sturdy for a smartphone. It comes with plenty of apps already loaded on it, but I went ahead and downloaded Instagram so it would be ready for Christy to start sharing her amazing photography skills. Because the camera? It’s pretty good.

Photo of a Photo

Now that we have upgraded Christy’s phone and her plan, we’ll be able to keep our family connected throughout the school year. Christy and I can sync our calendars to make sure we don’t miss any important appointments. If I’m sneaky enough, maybe I’ll be able to schedule a surprise date night or two on her calendar, too. We’ll have to wait and see about that one, though.

And if we do happen to miss an appointment for some unexpected reason? Walmart’s best plans will keep our family connected all school year long.

Give a Shot@Life with Walgreens Get a Shot, Give a Shot Program

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Walgreens Get a Shot Give a Shot

As recently mentioned, the 2014-15 school year is almost upon us in the Indianapolis area. That means that we are in full-scale Back to School mode at our house. Football practices are in full-swing. We’ve made sure that the kids are up to date on their required vaccines. New backpacks have been acquired. New wardrobes have been purchased for the semester. First day of school outfits have been carefully selected. Class schedules have been picked up and new teachers have been met.

Back to School

Over the past week, we have been on three separate shopping trips to purchase back to school supplies. Our final trip was to our neighborhood Walgreens.

Back to School supplies at Walgreens

They were well-stocked with the back to school basics, including a nice selection of backpacks. We all know how important it is to choose the right backpack. You have to find that perfect blend of style and utility. And if you don’t that “just right” backpack, it could cause repercussions for the rest of the school year. We’ve learned that the hard way. Fortunately, Walgreens has a good variety of backpacks so you can find that perfect fit.

Backpacks at Walgreens

During back to school shopping, we always try to stock up on writing instruments: pens, mechanical pencils, markers, crayons, highlighters, and pencils. It’s interesting how we take things like pencils for granted here in the States. We have ready access to them. And if your family’s anything like my family, you have a tendency to hoard your pencils. Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly the case for many children around the world.

Writing utensils at Walgreens

While my wife and I were in a village in the Horn of Africa a few years ago, we saw first-hand how important something as basic as a pencil can be. One of the gentlemen who was with us on that trip had brought a box of pencils with him. He passed them out to the children in the village. words cannot begin to express the joy that was on the children’s faces when they were given these pencils. They were beaming. Because of limited access to school supplies, these pencils gave these children a chance to have an education.

Something so simple – something so basic – gave a child an opportunity to have a changed life.

Walgreens Immunizations
If a pencil can change a child’s life like that, imagine what something like a vaccination can do. Our family has seen first-hand what kind of devastation caused by preventable diseases. They can tear families apart. They can ruin lives. They can cause great heartache.

But they are preventable. And we can do something about it.

Walgreens healthcare clinic sign in
The Walgreens Get a Shot, Give a Shot program is a partnership with the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign. That means that you can provide a life saving vaccine to a developing country. When you’re getting your child’s back to school vaccinations for diseases like whooping cough, chicken pox, or meningitis, not only will you be providing for your own child’s health, but you’ll also help save the life of another child around the world.

Walgreens makes this super-easy. They accept most insurance plans. They’ll also report back to your primary physician so your records are properly updated. And there’s no need to make an appointment. All you have to do is walk in during the healthcare clinic’s hours of operation. It’s quick and it’s easy.

Why not help change the world as you’re getting ready to send your kids back to school? Walgreens Get a Shot, Give a Shot program is a quick and easy way to help make the world a better, safer place.

Connect with those you love with Hallmark Value Cards

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Hallmark Value Cards

While I have not been the greatest at keeping track of people’s birthdays and getting birthday cards sent out on time, I am a firm believer in the power of receiving a physical greeting card. Even the most simple of creative card ideas can communicate volumes to the recipient. In a world where technology can bring us together in the blink of an eye, the act of receiving a card can bring joy to someone’s face. I know this is true because it’s a key aspect to the story of how Christy and I fell in love…

Although we’d known each other for the better part of a year before making it “official,” Christy and I started dating at the end of our Sophomore year at Milligan. A few weeks later, I moved away for the Summer. To New Mexico. Living in the mountains. With limited access to the modern comforts of life. Including phones.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved my job that Summer. I worked with a phenomenal group of guys. It really was my dream job. But I was also head-over-heels crazy about Christy. She was constantly on my mind. I wanted to talk to her, to be with her, to share my life with her. So I did the only thing that made me feel connected to her while we were separated by half of a continent.

I wrote letters. I sent cards. If a telegram had been available, I probably would have sent one of those, too. Every time I thought of Christy during that Summer, I wrote to her. And she would write back.

We must’ve thought of each other a lot because we have shoeboxes full of cards, letters, and notes from that Summer. I firmly believe that the experience of practicing the art of letter writing gave us a solid foundation upon which our relationship could grow.

Writing a Hallmark Value Card for my wife #shop #CBias

Today, in the age of modern technology, we’re able to keep in constant contact with each other. If I think of something I need to tell her, I can just shoot her a text or a facebook message. It’s easy. But I don’t think this can replace the power of the written word. There’s something special when you can hold something tangible like a card in your hands. The connection you feel when you’re holding something that someone else wrote to you is almost magical. I’m definitely a believer in the power of even the simplest of creative card ideas. So I try to share cards with my wife as often as possible. I usually have a small stockpile of cards hidden away so I can give one to her whenever I feel moved to do so.


That’s why buying Hallmark Value Cards from Walmart is so great. From funny to serious to everything in between, they have a wide variety of affordable cards so you can send your greetings for almost any occasion.


At $.47 or $.97 each, these cards are tough to pass up. I recently went to Walmart to stock up on some cards because my reserve of cards had begun to run low. I also made sure to pick up the perfect card to send to my mom for her upcoming birthday.


With prices like these, there’s no reason to wait for a special occasion to send someone a card to let that person know you care. But the value doesn’t stop there. The Hallmark Rewards Program includes a really cool app that allows you to scan the barcodes of the cards you’ve purchased. For every five cards you buy, you earn a free greetings card!
Hallmark Rewards app screenshot
How cool is that? Believe me. It’s super cool!

With the Hallmark Value Cards section at Walmart, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to give a card to someone  you care about.

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