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The NASCAR Acceleration Nation app makes races even more exciting!

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Me and Aiden at Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR Acceleration Nation

I have a lot of fond memories from our time living in Upper East Tennessee. One of the best memories is the opportunities we had to attend NASCAR related festivities and races. Needless to say, living in the shadow of Bristol, the fastest half mile in the world, we had a pretty big NASCAR fan while we lived there.

Aiden in front of Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR Acceleration Nation

Now NASCAR has created something I wish was around when we lived in the Tri-Cities: NASCAR Acceleration Nation! Available on Android, iPhone (click here to download), and the web, NASCAR Acceleration Nation has all kinds of great stuff for kids, including information about upcoming races, driver details, fun games, and learning materials about the science of racing!  Continue reading The NASCAR Acceleration Nation app makes races even more exciting!

An annual tradition

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Ten years ago, when they started doing the Speedway in Lights at the Speedway, I thought to myself, “Wow! That’s a really hick thing to do. Come on, Bertha! Let’s load up the kids and go to that thar racin’ track and look at the purty lights.” It just didn’t make sense.

I held on to that mental image until our first Christmas back in Tennessee. I think it was milestogo that informed me that it really is worth the trip up there and it really is worth the wait. The displays are amazing.

She was right.

So, we now have a Christmas tradition for as long as we’re living in upper East Tennessee. All of the proceeds go to charity, which is a great thing. And we didn’t even have to wait in line that long this time. Must be the advantage of going on a weeknight. Here are some highlights from our third trip to the Speedway in Lights at Bristol Motor Speedway.
Click here to see them purty lights

Santa Claus Portrait

I can’t sleep, so I figured I’d post something. This is a drawing of St. Nick by Aiden. I think it’s the first drawing he’s made of that mystical man.

He couldn’t get white to show up on the paper, so he used grey instead. I told him how to spell “Ho Ho Ho,” but that’s his handwriting.

We went to the Christmas lights display at Bristol Motor Speedway tonight. It wasn’t raining this time, so we got out in the infield. In a rather surreal moment, we roasted marshmallows (a buck bought 5 marshmallows and a roasting stick – not a bad deal) in the middle of a NASCAR racetrack. Then, Grandma Rose and Aly rode a merrry-go-round in 35 degree weather! Aiden went on a different ride…one that wasn’t as windy! It was like a mini-county fair in the middle of winter. How odd.


Went to the race with Aiden today. After I finally got him to get his hands off his ears (he had earplugs in, after all), he was animated the entire race! A friend got them for us at a very good deal. I’ll post more on it later.

I’m glad Roy Williams finally got the monkey off his back. Of course, it wasn’t with “his” players, right? Does that make his championship any less sweet? I doubt it. Too bad that means Sean May had to win one, too.

I just wanted to post something so Joanie would stop complaining about her friends list.

Happy studying! Reading up on archaeological treasures at the British Museum for the grand-old Old Testament test tomorrow. Yes, the one he said was going to be more difficult than the last one because too many did too well on the last one. Too bad I know several people who failed the last one. Tonight can’t be too relaxing for them.