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Mr. @CSIndy’s response to Mr. @BgKahuna’s rebuttal

Last week, I promised that I would allow more space for the Big Bald Blog Debate of 2012. Then AT&T went and pulled the plug on everything.

So here’s the response to the rebuttal to the reply to the….I think you get the idea…

Here’s the last post, in case you’ve lost track.

Thanks,, for the photo.

First of all, its CS_Indy. Not Mr.Indy. Please address me by my handle, not by some made up moniker. You are not the Master of Puppets.

Now, to address Mr. BgKahuna’s points. In his first paragraph he ADMITS to being a Hair. “.. I would like to say that yes, I am a Hair..” So right there he draws the line. He chooses a side. He shows his unloyalty to the Balds.

  1. His first talking point….shot down by his opening paragraph. He is not a committed bald. He admitted to being a Hair, there is no both in this situation.
  2. Yes the BgKahuna went bald for a great cause. He then chose to go back and forth on his stance on Hairs -vs- Balds. This resulted in an #OccupyROUNDPEG situation that brought innocent people into the middle of his own choices. He made it us versus them. Bald -vs- Hair. 
  3. As to whether or.not BgKahuna is a Flip-flopper…..does he, or does he not go back and forth between being a Bald, and being a Hair? Yes, yes he does. There is no excuse. Especially his laziness one. It’s hair…shave it off. You have time to style your “wicked fu-man-chu” but not time to smooth the scalp? Whatever…  Make it happen.

And in closing…your head is in no way bigger than mine. Point in case… I have my own running #YourHeadIsSoBig joke thanks to @Da_Rhettster and @Fatheadz. Do you? No. No you don’t. We have discovered, through the power of social media, that your head is not that big.

Thanks for your time and understanding.

Live Bald and Prosper.

Blog Post Bald Response by @BgKahuna

Mr. _Indy delivered some pretty strong accusations in a blog post today. I would like to say that yes, I am a Hair and I have a beautiful head of hair. Even at birth, my hair was celebrated throughout the city of Chicago. To this day, people still talk about my beautiful head of hair.
First, I want to thank Mr. Todd for giving me a chance to defend myself from this anti-bald hatred. I appreciate that you are giving me a chance to say my piece.
  1.  I am a committed bald. I think the Balds are an amazing group of people. I went to the bald side to experience the bald life style wanting to know if bald is beautiful. Bald is beautiful if you have the right head shape. Call me old fashioned, but beauty is all about the shape of the dome. Look at Lt. Ilia, from the 1979 Star Trek movie. That is a perfect shaped cranium.
  2. I did not take the easy way out. I went bald to help raise money for a nonprofit. Of course, I taunted the Balds before they caught me and shaved me down. This was out of love and to help promote the cause. I was even attacked as anti-bald before I knew anything about the Balds, a rumor I have fought since I first heard it.
  3. I am not a flip flopper. I got a little lazy and did not shave my head for a couple months. The hair grew. I can’t prevent what naturally happens. This was not about leaving the Bald community, it was laziness. I love my bald head as much as I love my bald brothers and sisters. My family loves my bald head. Grandma, not so much.
Bg Kahuna really is bald
I will agree with Mr. _Indy, there are no bad hair days. And the feel of a bald head feels nice on a pillow.  However, shaving a head of this magnitude does take a small amount of time in the morning.  Remember, I had a thick head of hair and making sure I clip all of it takes time and mirrors.
Thank you for letting me post this blog.
Live long and bald.
Love Always,
**On that note, I declare a truce. I know there are a few others who would like to respond. Your responses are welcome. They won’t be published until Friday though. I already have two very powerful guest posts lined up for tomorrow and Thursday. You don’t want to miss them. And be sure to tune back in Friday for the continuation of the Big Bald Blog Debate of 2012.
This is Matt: End transmission.**

Guest Post: Bald is Mostly Beautiful by @BGKahuna

Recently, Matt asked me to write a blog post for his site. Since I was on the treadmill, I figured what a great time to compose this post. Being my first guest blog post, I wasn’t sure what to write, so I asked Matt.

He told me that I could write a letter to his wife on why she should go bald. I am not sure if this is a good idea. Partly because I have absolutely no idea what her head looks like. Head shape is a big factor to consider. If you have a lumpy head or odd-shaped head, it does not work that well. Me, I have some deep fat lines uses and because I can’t hit them with a razor, they look like racing stripes. I like to tell people that I am a tiger bald.

Another factor to weigh is how much your wife likes her hair. If she likes it a lot, bald may not be her thing. On a plus note, to will spend a lot less money on hair products. My hair air product costs have been reduced dramatically. To almost zero.  If you do decide to join our club, please donate your hair to locks of love.

Another awesome factor is that people will see your bald wife and totally think she is hard-core. When people see me and my gnarley fu manchu, they either stop and stare because I’m hard-core or because I look funny. I am starting to think it is because I look funny.

Dude, I just re-read your Twitter DM. I thought you wanted me to write a post about your wife becoming a bald. You wanted me to write an open letter to her on why you should shave your head. You should totally do it. Although, you picked the wrong time of year to join the club. Going into winter is the worst time to do this. Let me tell you this, cold rain totally sucks. Also, if a situation gets rough, the big, bald guy is usually the one people look at to go over and look intimidating.

Good luck.


Court Jester of All Social Media

**As I mentioned earlier, this week is pretty crazy with the move and garage sale right around the corner. So I’ve asked a few people to fill in for me while I’m preoccupied with other things.

Thanks, Kahuna, for writing this – I think!

I had originally planned on posting a picture of what Christy would look like bald. I decided that I don’t really like sleeping on the couch very much, so I’m going to post a picture of me with a  shaved head instead (courtesy of the good folks at Bic4Good). Maybe I need to re-think this whole thing…

Bald is beautiful. Thanks Bic4Good (

If you’re interested in writing a guest post for me this week, feel free to shoot me a DM on the twitter machine.

– Matt