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Flashback Friday: My Rock Star Son

As part of Aiden’s Christmas present, I’m taking Aiden to Winter Jam tomorrow.

I’m fully expecting his inner Rock Star to come out – like he did in this post from a few years ago. It’s altogether fitting that we look at this blast from the past on this Flashback Friday…

My son the rock star rocking out to Audio Adrenaline

Whenever he gets to watch it, he performs with the band, as if he were on stage with them. So, the apple doesn’t fall that far from the tree. I remember many an afternoon pretending my friends and I were part of Bon Jovi, cranking out tunes like Livin’ on a PrayerWanted Dead or Alive, and You Give Love a Bad Name. Yes – my son is doomed.

Read the rest and watch Aiden 
rock out by clicking here

By the way….how on earth has he gotten so big? I think it’s time to invest in a few bricks to put on this boy’s head so he’ll stop growing.

We’re a Band

A few weeks ago, I bought the DVD chronicling Audio Adrenaline’s farewell concert from Hawaii. I cried at the end, but that’s another post for another time. I showed the DVD to the kids and Aiden absolutely fell in love with the band. He told me he wants to go to one of their concerts. I haven’t had the heart to tell him that’s not a possibility since this was their final concert…ever.

Every day, he asks if he can watch the DVD. Whenever he gets to watch it, he performs with the band, as if he were on stage with them. So, the apple doesn’t fall that far from the tree. I remember many an afternoon pretending my friends and I were part of Bon Jovi, cranking out tunes like Livin’ on a Prayer, Wanted Dead or Alive, and You Give Love a Bad Name. Yes – my son is doomed.

I’ve been trying to catch some of his performance on video, but he tones it down when he knows I’m trying to record him. I still managed to catch some of it. Unfortunately, I had to record it in segments so the video hosting sites would accept it. One of the larger portions was too big for me to upload at this time. I’ll see what I can do to compress it and post the rest at a later date. For now, enjoy what you can of Aiden and Audio A performing We’re a Band

Yes – he’s still playing guitar. You almost expect him to kick over a speaker or trash his air guitar on the ground, don’t you?If you’re not familiar with the original song, here it is…

And yes, I think the ending’s pretty corny. But that’s OK. Aiden likes it.

Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye

Obviously, over the last month we said goodbye to a lot of people in Tennessee.  With our move to Indiana looming like a long shadow over everything we did, I couldn’t help but think about the many other times I’ve said goodbye to people over the years. Some of the farewells were very memroable and I kept thinking of them over and over.  I’ve decided to compose a Top Ten list of the most memorable goodbyes I’ve experienced in my lifetime.  I have decided to keep deaths and funerals out of the picture because…well…I just didn’t want to include them.  I also did not include any of the many goodbyes we’ve said during our move back to Indiana.  Oh, and speaking of goodbyes, I have posted today’s sermon on

Anyway, these were the goodbyes that I kept remembering over the past month…

10. “Do you wanna break up?”
So, I dated this girl for almost 2 1/2 years.  Towards the end, I knew it was time to break it off.  I kinda let it linger for several months because I just couldn’t come up with the right words to break it off.  In other words, I was a chicken.  I came home after a date with her and she called me immediately.  I was obviously disconnected.  She asked what was wrong and I didn’t really say anything of importance (again – I was a big ol’ chicken).  Then, out of the blue, she said, “Do you wanna break up?”  “Yeah, I thnik so,” I replied.  And that was that.  It’s pretty memorable because it was so – well, anticlimactic.

9. Standing Ovation
On the last Sunday of my internship at Athens Church of Christ, they took a ‘love offering’ for me.  Christy and I were getting married in just a few days.  I had absolutely no money and was concerned about how we were going to pay for the honeymoon.  During the evening service of my last day in Athens, they announced how much was collected in the love offering and the Senior Minister said, “You get to have a honeymoon, Matt.”  And the entire congregation gave me a standing ovation.  I was shocked.

8. The Jurgens
Sonlife threw a going away party for the Jurgens when they moved back to Colorado.  The most memorable thing, aside from signing the Napoleon Dynamite movie poster for them, was everyone stood up and shared different ways the Jurgens had impacted their lives.  It was inspiring.

7. Leaving Indy
Kevin and Liz spent the day helping us pack all of our stuff into a moving van so we could move to Tennessee because I had this wild idea that I should go to seminary (and I’m glad I did it).  I didn’t want them to drive away that night.  At that point, I wanted to just unload all of our stuff and stay in Indy.  Of course, that didn’t happen.

6. Neighbors Driving Away
My memory of this is sketchy, but I remember standing at the front door, bawling, when our neighbors across the street drove away for what I think was the last time.  I know there were at least two kids – the older boy was named Patrick.  They had a little girl, too.  She’s the one who kmtodd23 held upside down because he thought she was a baby doll.  I think they moved to Michigan.  I definitely remember being sad when they left.

5. No Arrowhead – Philmont 1996
There’s a legend at Philmont that if you look over your shoulder when you’re leaving the Ranch and see the rock formation shaped like an arrowhead on one of the ridges, you’re destined to return to Philmont someday.  I knew ’96 was going to be my last opporttunity to serve on staff at Philmont.  As I rode the bus to the train station, I intentionally did not turn around to see the arrowhead.  Now there’s no guarantee that I’ll return.  It was a pivotal moment in my life.

4. “In Tennessee’s Fair Eastern Mountains…”
During my commencement ceremony at Milligan, they awarded Dr. Gwaltney, who was retiring, the Fide et Amore award (Milligan’s highest honor).  Immediately after he received the award, the ceremony concluded by everyone singing the Alma Mater.  There stood Dr. Gwaltney, wearing his new medal, holding the school’s official mace (whatever that is), trying to sing the Alma Mater.  He couldn’t however.  With every word he sang, his lip quivered more and even more tears rolled down his face.  It brought a tear to my eye watching him receive the recognition from an institution he loved so much.

3. “Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye, My Old Friend”
Audio Adrenaline finished their set by singing “Goodbye” to us.  It was the last time I’ll ever see them live in concert again.  

2. “When I Get Where I’m Going”
Bill’s farewell sermon at Crossroads Christian Church was the example of how a preacher should say goodbye to his congregation.  Every time I hear the song, I see him up on stage, overcome with emotion, receiving a spontaneous standing ovation that lasted for a long time.  

1. “Don’t Go, Matt!”
I was one of the first staffers to leave Beaubien (a camp in Philmont) in 1995.  I had to get to school early because I was one of the guides for incoming freshmen.  I had become pretty close with our cook, Dan (we called him ‘Killer’ – great name for a cook).  He was pretty goofy and cracked me up a lot that Summer.  When the Suburban arrived to take me away, I grabbed my backpack, told everyone bye, and Dan grabbed my legs.  And wouldn’t let go.  He held on to them as I walked to the vehicle.  As I dragged him along, he jokingly yelled, “Don’t go, Matt!  Don’t go!”  I didn’t want to go, so it was tempting to listen to him. 

The Concert

Audio Adrenaline
Originally uploaded by mattdantodd.

So – we’re back from the concert. I’ll post more about it sometime tomorrow. I wanted to go ahead and get a picture up, though. It’s not the best quality, since we were some distance from the stage, but we had a good angle.

This is the final song they sang, Adios, which was fitting – seeing as how this is their final tour.

The Audio Adrenaline segment was way too short in my opinion (they were touring with Mercy Me), but if a band’s been around for 15 years, any amount of time is going to be way too short, isn’t it?

Thanks for the good times, fellas!

**Remind me to post something about the flu vaccinations the kids got Friday morning…**

CORRECTION: They sang Goodbye, not Adios.

Merry Christmas (early)

As mentioned earlier, Audio Adrenaline is on their final tour.

For an early Christmas present, Christy bought tickets for tonight’s concert in Asheville. It’s been six years since I’ve seen them live, and I’m not as familiar with their recent stuff, but I’m still pretty excited that we’re going.

If any pictures turn out decent, I’ll post some tomorrow.


I’ve known about this for a while, but kept forgetting to mention this here.

I’ve mentioned earlier that I had the pleasure of being exposed to Audio Adrenaline back when they were still in college and were known as A-180. Todd would bring them over to play for our youth group several times. We even got to play basketball with them in our gym. I remember the first concert they had in Evansville after they changed their name from A-180. There was much debate about whether the promotional posters we printed up should have an “e” or not at the end of “Adrenaline.” I think the “e” was kept off. I used to have that poster. I wonder if it’s still at my parents’ house. The concert was at the old Victory Theatre, before they did the major renovations. We hung out with a bunch of “skaters” (maybe you could call them “pre-Goths”?) and the show wound up being a huge mosh pit with a bunch of stage diving happening. I think Jarod dove off. One of my favorite memories of that was pushing Scott Brooks, our D-Group leader, up on stage. He started to run to the edge to dive off, then paused. I think he was scared that no one would catch an older (early 30’s…not so old anymore!) bald guy. He eventually did it and we did catch him.

It was pretty cool to be able to say “I knew them when…” I’ll admit that their music hasn’t always been my favorite, I’ve always tried to follow them and there will continue to be a special place in my heart for them. When I did the whole youth ministry thing, I tried to connect our youth with many of the “up and coming” groups so they could have a similar experience. While I don’t think we played basketball with Esther’s Request or Alathea, they managed to perform some pretty spectacular shows for our ministry.

With that, I’m sorry to share that Audio Adrenaline is hanging up their instruments and calling it a day. It’s been a fun run and I’m sad to see them go.