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Merry Christmas (early)

As mentioned earlier, Audio Adrenaline is on their final tour.

For an early Christmas present, Christy bought tickets for tonight’s concert in Asheville. It’s been six years since I’ve seen them live, and I’m not as familiar with their recent stuff, but I’m still pretty excited that we’re going.

If any pictures turn out decent, I’ll post some tomorrow.


I’ve known about this for a while, but kept forgetting to mention this here.

I’ve mentioned earlier that I had the pleasure of being exposed to Audio Adrenaline back when they were still in college and were known as A-180. Todd would bring them over to play for our youth group several times. We even got to play basketball with them in our gym. I remember the first concert they had in Evansville after they changed their name from A-180. There was much debate about whether the promotional posters we printed up should have an “e” or not at the end of “Adrenaline.” I think the “e” was kept off. I used to have that poster. I wonder if it’s still at my parents’ house. The concert was at the old Victory Theatre, before they did the major renovations. We hung out with a bunch of “skaters” (maybe you could call them “pre-Goths”?) and the show wound up being a huge mosh pit with a bunch of stage diving happening. I think Jarod dove off. One of my favorite memories of that was pushing Scott Brooks, our D-Group leader, up on stage. He started to run to the edge to dive off, then paused. I think he was scared that no one would catch an older (early 30’s…not so old anymore!) bald guy. He eventually did it and we did catch him.

It was pretty cool to be able to say “I knew them when…” I’ll admit that their music hasn’t always been my favorite, I’ve always tried to follow them and there will continue to be a special place in my heart for them. When I did the whole youth ministry thing, I tried to connect our youth with many of the “up and coming” groups so they could have a similar experience. While I don’t think we played basketball with Esther’s Request or Alathea, they managed to perform some pretty spectacular shows for our ministry.

With that, I’m sorry to share that Audio Adrenaline is hanging up their instruments and calling it a day. It’s been a fun run and I’m sad to see them go.

Inspiration for Moving Day (part II)

We moved some big pieces of furniture last night. Tonight, we plan on moving the rest of the big pieces (beds, dressers, etc.). In light of this, I have decided to post the lyrics to a song by A-180, who is now known as Audio Adrenaline. I never knew why they never recorded it once they signed a record deal. Most of the people who knew the song loved it.

I always wanted to sing this song at a Philmont campfire, because the lyrics are about perseverance – something you need midway through the 10-day trek. Ten years ago this summer, I finally had the opportunity to sing it one time with the great Andy Gerhart. It was a highlight of my Philmont experience…

Strong Back
Noonday sun’s a-rainin’ down on my Daddy
He’s working hard to plant the seeds
Dirt’s getting harder
And the roads are getting longer
And his feet, they’re starting to bleed.

Keep pushin’
Keep pushin’ the plow
I know you’ll never ever turn back
Keep your heart in the soil
And your eyes on the horizon
Cause the Reaper’s Train’s a-comin down the track

Strong back
And a weak will
Lord, I pray You give me a strong, strong back
And I will give You my will

Now my fears lay barren before me
Seems the weeds have overcome
The burden’s heavy
Heavy on my shoulders
On my back is a burnin’ sun

Keep pushin’
Keep pushin’ the plow
Like Daddy’s done seasons before
I cry for help from my brothers
And all of my sisters
Seems the harvest time’s a-comin faster than before


Daddy, Daddy,
I wish You were here now
To work beside me in the rain
Daddy, Daddy,
I wish You were here now
Daddy, Daddy,
Ease my pain
Ease my pain