Nothing but love for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

I love the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. I have for a long time.

Exterior of The Children's Museum of Indianapolis #TCMIndy

I’ve been a fan of The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis since my first visit when I was a teenager. Growing up in Evansville before Interstate 69 meant that traveling to Indianapolis was a big deal. And so it wasn’t until I was a teenager that we visited the Children’s Museum. I think my first trip with with our Scout Troop. My family went back The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for my birthday that next year. We were already going to be in Indianapolis for the State Solo & Ensemble Festival. So I suggested we go to the Children’s Museum while we were in the area. Because I knew The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is a pretty cool place. Even for a teenager.

I have a deep appreciation for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

When we lived in Indianapolis, we had a membership to the Museum. Christy took a very young Aiden and an even younger Alyson to the Museum as often as she could. They loved the old Playscape. It was a family favorite.

Since those days, we’ve loved all of the changes that have happened at the Museum. It has been fun watching it grow and change as my kids have grown and change. And Mihret, of course, is a big fan. I’m sure she always will be.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
I think this is from Mihret’s first visit to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Here’s a few more pictures from that visit.

I have nothing but love for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

It’s an amazing place where creativity, history, and problem solving come alive! I really do love everything about this fabulous museum that is right here in the middle of our state. Indianapolis is lucky to have such a top-notch children’s museum. I hope we as a community never take it for granted.

It’s because of this appreciation for the Children’s Museum that is so deep and so (practically) ancient that this announcement I made on my facebook page a few weeks ago is such a BIG HONKIN’ DEAL!

I am honored to be part of the 2018 Blog Ambassador team. Actually, I’ve looked at the list of other people who are on the team and I’m pretty humbled to be part of such an amazing group.

Check them out:

Seriously. Check out their stuff. It’s fabulous. And they’re going to do a great job sharing all of the amazing things in store at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. And trust me. There’s some exciting things coming up, including the opening of the museum’s biggest expansion to date. So buckle up, y’all. It’s gonna be a fun ride!

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