I made 7 year old me extremely jealous last weekend

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I’ve only been working at the new job for about two months and I’ve already done some pretty memorable things. I got to tour a local bottling plant and was very tempted to pull a Laverne and Shirley. I was a good boy and didn’t do it. But, man. It was so tempting.

Then, not long after that, I had the opportunity to tour a local radio station and watch the magic happen behind the scenes as they broadcast their morning show.

Pretty cool stuff. Right? My visit to another local establishment took the cake, though.

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It was like the heavens opened before me as I saw all kinds of Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, and He-Man action figures, gear, and vehicles on display. It seems like every time I turned around, I felt the urge to tell my co-workers “I had that.” “I used to play with that.” They even had the Droid Factory.

My heart. It almost exploded with joy. 

I was like a kid in a candy store. Or maybe I was more like this kid in a toy store.

And I got paid to be there.

Have I mentioned I love my job? It’s too bad I didn’t have the presence of mind to take a picture while I was there. But I promise I will return. And there will be photographic evidence.

It didn’t stop there.

The next day, we bought a Groupon, loaded up the van, and took a trip to the east side of Indy and met my brother and his kids at Washington Square Mall. I’m not sure, but I think this was my first trip to this mall in 15 years. A lot has changed since the last time I was there.

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If you ask me, one of the best changes to Washington Square Mall is the arrival of Boss Battle Games arcade. One price provided unlimited access to approximately 60 different classic arcade games.  You read that right. Unlimited access to approximately 60 different classic arcade games. Street Fighter II. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Rampage. Frogger. Star Wars.

Boss Battle Games in Indianapolis

Yes. Star Wars.

Star Wars Arcade Game

That Star Wars.

Can I just say that the whole thing was a bit overwhelming? I stood in the middle of this arcade, surrounded by these games that I loved playing and I was so overcome that I couldn’t even decide where to begin. So I stood there for a moment and took it all in.

Then I proceeded to save the galaxy from the Death Star, punch Sentinels in the face, avoid becoming roadkill, race hydroplanes, and attempt to save Olive Oyl (I stink at playing Popeye, by the way). As you can imagine, it was pretty awesome.

Cousins playing X-Men at Boss Battle Games in Indianapolis

I think the kids had a good time, too.

Of course, the highlight was being able to play Star Wars again. There wasn’t a cockpit to climb into like the one I used to play in Evansville, but it was still as great as I remembered it. Aiden even played it a couple of times.

Aiden playing the Star Wars arcade game at Boss Battle Games in Indianapolis

The son playing his father’s favorite video game – I guess you could say the circle is complete. Except I’m pretty sure he’s still the learner. am the Master.

Thank you, South Side Toys and More and Boss Battle Games for such a great weekend. I’m sure Seven Year Old Me is jealous of all I got to see and do.

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