Pick a side

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Superheroes vs. superheroes.

Good guys fighting good guys.

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Someone superhuman strength taking on a super-rich man with amazing toys and glowing eyes.

It’s madness, that’s for sure. Some might even call it a war. A civil war.

I’ve been a big fan of the man in the red cape for as long as I can remember. Superman II is still one of my all-time favorite movies. And The Death of Superman was a big deal when it happened. I’ve also got a soft spot in my heart for the Caped Crusader. So Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice is definitely on my list of movies to watch in the theater. And the Captain America movies have been my favorites in the Marvel cineverse. So I’m pretty excited about the arrival of Captain America: Civil War, too.
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2016 proves to be a year of epic proportions. And the blockbusters are coming soon to a theater near you!

So who you got? Are you #TeamBatman or #TeamSuperman? Is your allegiance with #TeamIronMan or #TeamCap? Or are you like me: #TeamJustGetAlong?

Apparently not.

I hope they can work things out soon. The world desperately needs a few good superheroes.

What movies are you excited to see this year?

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