Will you dance with us?

During our trip to Ethiopia, we dedicated Thursday as a day of celebration. The Transition Home where Weldu had lived hosted a goodbye coffee ceremony for him (and for us). And later that evening, we went to 2000 Habesha, an Ethiopian cultural restaurant. We had been to a similar restaurant when we brought Mihret home. And we had a great time. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the end of all of the red tape and the fact that Weldu was really, truly, going to come home with us in just a few days!
The food was amazing, as one should expect. The dancing? Amazing. It was a great evening of celebrating with family and friends. Our hearts were as full as our bellies by the time the night was over.


The word of the day is ‘gebzha’ – “to party.” As in, tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 2008. Because that’s what year…

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I took the picture of the food before they brought out the shekla tibs. Oh man. I don’t think I can get enough shekla tibs.

I mentioned the dancing. Right?

It’s pretty remarkable. And it’s unlike any dancing you’ve seen before. I promise.

Just watching it makes me feel like I need to visit a chiropractor.

You know, I have an idea…

Because I can’t stop watching these videos. And I bet you can’t either…

Let’s keep the celebration going.

Let’s have our own little cyber dance party!

I think you should give it the old college try.

Come on.

Don’t be shy.

In the privacy of your home right now, just join in on the traditional Ethiopian dancing. It’ll be good for your soul. And no one will know. Unless you take a video of yourself dancing. And if you do happen to take a video of yourself, please please please share it in the comments.

I was roped into dancing with them at the dinner. Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, no one else at our dinner party could find their phones or the camera in order to capture that moment of dancing expertise on video.


You’ll just have to miss out, I guess.

OK. All kidding aside. I danced the dance. And I was really really bad. Really.

So this will be a total Judgment Free Zone. Share a video. Or don’t share a video. Let’s have some fun! Just dance your heart out and celebrate our Family of Six with us!

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