Our family is growing. So I’m stocking my medicine cabinet.

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Our family is about to grow again. Soon, we’ll be a family of six. Our family is about to explode in anticipation of this boy’s arrival. We have his bed ready. We have tons of clothes for him. We already know his name and we can’t wait for him to fill the empty chair around our dinner table. We’ve had one waiting for him for a while.

The empty chair at our dining room table #HealthySavings

I mentioned that he’s a teenager. Right? And that he’s currently half a world away. And our waiting has been longer than any pregnancy could ever be. But that’s part of the adoption journey. Christy has already met him. She got to hug him and spend a lot of quality time with him and love on him for almost a whole week. Hopefully, I’ll be meeting him before the year ends. That’s exciting.

In the meantime…

So we’re kind of stuck in between the excitement of knowing our son will be coming home and waiting for the rest of the bureaucratic requirements to be completed. Can I be real with you for a second? This waiting? It’s hard stuff. But it gives us a chance to be prepared. So we’ve taken this extra time to get things ready. We want to be prepared for when he finally joins our family. And now that it looks like we’re finally seeing the light at the end of this tunnel, it’s time to start putting the final pieces together at home.

One area that was in desperate need of some tender loving care was my medicine cabinet. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it was bare.

Empty Medicine Cabinet #HealthySavings

It’s time to start preparing.

An empty medicine cabinet like this is unacceptable. Our house needs to be prepared for the unexpected. It’s almost winter, after all. It’s time to get our house in order. This would be important even if we were still just a family of five. But as a family of six with three teenagers in our home? It’s important to be prepared.

This kid is quite the soccer player. He loves the sport. I have a strong suspicion that he’ll want to play soccer with me whenever possible. This is going to be a challenge for two big reasons. The last time I played competitive soccer was when I was in fourth grade. The fact that I didn’t play anymore after that should tell you how good I was (or wasn’t) at soccer. Plus, I’m not exactly “young” anymore. I’d be an old-timer in almost any professional sport. Aches and pains and soreness are not exactly uncommon when I happen to participate in athletic competitions. But I can’t tell him, “No. Dad can’t play right now,” when I really can play. So I’ve got to be ready for some sore muscles.

I work at an elementary school. Germs are always flying around – especially during the upcoming cold months. There is no way I can get sick. I have to be ready to fly to my son’s homeland and bring him home. I can’t afford to get sick.

Of course, just in case anyone in our house does happen to get sick, we need to be ready for that. Time is running out. If I wait until these events happen, it’s going to be too late.

I began stocking my medicine cabinet.

So I went around the corner to my local Walgreens to pick up a few items and rescue my medicine cabinet. The display near the Pharmacy area had exactly what I needed.

Walgreens #HealthySavings Display

I knew what I wanted. And I found the items quickly. It was great to find everything in one place. It was also nice to see that I could save up to $15 on Pfizer products during the month of November.

Of course, I had to get some Chapstick for our youngest. She loves her Chapstick. She’ll be very excited to know that I bought two of them this time: one for her and one for her new brother. They’ll match!

Walgreens Coupons #HealthySavings

With some of the incredible deals that were available, it only made sense to double-up on my Centrum MultiGummies. The deal was just too good to pass up. And since I’m looking for a way to boost both my energy and my immunity as I prepare to start trying to keep up with another teenager in our house, it was a no-brainer to plan ahead and buy two months’ worth of the vitamins.

Centrum MultiGummies #HealthySavings

Some of the Pfizer items included in this great deal at Walgreens include Thermacare, Advil, Children’s Advil, Chapstick, Nexium 24HR, Emergen-C, and Dimetapp.   It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up for the winter. And it was a great way to get our house’s medicine cabinet ready for the newest addition to our family.

Stocking up at Walgreens #HealthySavings

The medicine cabinet is less bare. I feel pretty good about its status now. So now that our empty medicine cabinet has been filled, hopefully our empty chair at the dinner table will be filled very soon, too!

Stocked Medicine Cabinet #HealthySavings

Want to know more about these and other great Pfizer products? Check them out here!



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