A perfect date night thanks to unlimited talk, text, and data/web

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Perfect Date Night #MyDataMyWayI’ve talked before about how Walmart Family Mobile’s affordable plans help keep our family connected. It’s the only way we can juggle everyone’s schedules. With their unlimited talk, text and data/web plan, I’m able to use my data my way. And in the process, make a few memories with my wife. How cool is that? We live in some pretty amazing times.

Walmart Family Mobile store display #MyDataMyWay

The Walmart Family Mobile plan is extremely affordable and reliable. They also have a great selection of phones. Their Unlimited Talk, Text and Data service plan is only $29.88 a month* for the first line. This plan includes up to 500 MB of 4G LTE data. Their coverage is pretty great. You can check it out here if you don’t believe me. Access to unlimited talk, text, and data/web helps me plan and execute the perfect date night. That’s how I use my data my way.

To Do List #MyDataMyWay

With all the apps available for phones like the Alcatel Fierce 2, you can customize your data experience to fit your needs. I know a lot of people use their phones to play games, but my phone has replaced the old-school day timer and Personal Digital Assistant. So I like to use apps like Evernote or OneNote to write down my thoughts, save articles to read later, create to-do lists, and basically keep my life organized. As you can see, I have a notebook specifically for planning date nights. I probably have more ideas than opportunities to execute them, but that’s OK. It helps keep my creative juices flowing.

For one simple date night, Walmart Family Mobile’s lowest priced unlimited plans help me stay on track. I can use the data to search the web for a great recipe. For example, I found a simple one for shrimp scampi.

Shrimp Scampi recipe screenshot #MyDataMyWay

I can easily add the ingredients to a shopping list on my phone and head to a nearby Walmart to gather the ingredients that are not already have on-hand. While shopping, it is easy to double-check with my mother inlaw to make sure she’s still planning on taking the kids away for an evening. I can also check with area florists to see if they are running any specials.

Shopping Cart #MyDataMyWay

I can access a music service like Spotify or Pandora and listen to my favorite songs while driving to and from the store. Once I’m home, I can update my playlist to make sure the atmosphere for the evening is just right. And if I have any questions about how to perform a certain cooking technique, like deveining shrimp or how to properly place a table setting, I have that information right at my fingertips.

Date Night Music #MyDataMyWay

Using my data my way helps me get stuff done. It helps me keep track of what I need to do. It helps eliminate surprises so I can focus on what really matters: spending time with my wife and making memories with her.

Do you realize how far we’ve come in just a few short years? Think about it. In 1943, the chairman of IBM had this to say about the future of computers:

“I think there is a world market for about five computers” – Thomas Watson

I know. It sounds pretty short-sighted. And it probably was. Because 70 years later, computers are everywhere. But I can’t pick on just the chairman of IBM. I once said something that turned out just as myopic. It was at the beginning of the Internet revolution and a professor of mine declared that we were soon going to have computers in every room of the house, including the kitchen.

“You’re crazy,” I thought to myself. “There’s no way anyone would ever need a computer in their kitchen.”

Yeah. I was wrong. But in my defense, smartphones and access to unlimited talk, text, and data/web were only available in the realm of science fiction. But those dreams are now reality. Like I said, these are some pretty amazing times. I use my phone, which is really just a hand-held computer, in every room of the house, but especially in the kitchen. Using this technology to do what I can to sweep my wife off her feet: That’s how I use my data my way.

What’s your favorite date night idea? Leave your idea in the comments and inspire someone else!

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to this link or your local Walmart for current pricing.

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Matt Todd

Dinner and a movie is probably our “go-to” date night, too. Sometimes, you gotta shake things up a little, though. 🙂

Definitely check out Walmart Family Mobile. It’s not like other pay-as-you-go plans. You pay for the previous month, not ahead of time. I kinda like that.


I don’t have a smartphone, but I am impressed at how they can help organize people. For us, “date night” is a frame of mind. Having breakfast together or sitting down to do a puzzle at night can be a wonderful date if you are intent on appreciating one another and enjoying something as a couple. That said, we wind up having dinner out pretty regularly, it is nice to not have to focus on anything but each other.
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Matt Todd

I agree wholeheartedly about the date night being a frame of mind. That’s where my phone has come in handy! It allows me to keep things organized so I don’t have to worry about things when Christy and I are together. When the phone isn’t used to play music, it’s off for date night!

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