The Todd Top Ten of 2013

OK. So we’re more than a quarter of the way into 2014 and I just realized I never did my Top Ten list of last year. There’s a long list explaining why it took so long to post this, but let’s just say that 2013 was a pretty emotional year. I wasn’t exactly disappointed to see it leave. This list of top things that happened in our family includes stuff that isn’t exactly happy. In fact some of it was downright awful. But it directly impacted our family, so it should be included in this list.

So here you go. It’s a not-so-timely look back on the times we spent up on the mountain and down in the deepest of valleys.

Adios, 2013. I’m still glad you’re gone.

Top 10 2013

10. Corporate “right-sizing”

My employer went through a layoff in June. I was the only one left from my team. A lot of good friends lost their jobs. It was a sad day. And it became even more sad for me because of another event that happened immediately after this occurred. I cried a lot that week.

9. Two Hoosiers basketball games

I got to see two IU basketball games live and in person. Both were pretty memorable for completely different reasons:

IU vs Stony Brook

8. Trips with Aiden

I wound up taking Aiden to do some pretty memorable things – just the two of us.

IU vs Navy - Aiden's first college football game
7. Christy’s surgery

Christy had surgery. It was relatively major. Or maybe it was a mid-major surgery. It definitely wasn’t minor. But everything’s all good now.

6. Mihret’s eyes

Mihret's Eyes

After two surgeries and several months of recovery, Mihret can see!

5. Show Hope 10th anniversary celebration in Nashville

Show Hope Celebration
Show Hope is such an important part of our our family’s story. We had a great time celebrating at a giant “family reunion” with countless other families whose stories have been written through the help of Show Hope. We’re looking forward to having another family reunion with them after we’ve become a family of six.

4. Beaches and Shamu and Flamingos (oh my)!

We took a family trip to Florida with Christy’s family. Parts of it were bittersweet because Dave’s presence was definitely missing. With that being said, visiting Florida together helped ease some of the hurt we all felt.

Antarctica at Sea World

3. Gone Fishin’

I got to go back to Bennett Spring for the first time in a long, long time.
Bennett Spring 2013
It was pretty awesome. Can’t wait to go back.

2. New schools:

  • Aly begins middle school
  • Mihret starts Kindergarten
  • Christy gets her dream job at a local school

All three are loving their schools!

1. We said goodbye to Dave

Man, I still miss him.
 photo P1000687.jpg

Here’s hoping 2014 is full of happiness and joy.


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