You can help us bring Little Man home!

I’m excited to say that we have decided to move forward with the adoption process even though there is still some uncertainty about the direction of international adoptions in Ethiopia. Here’s the thing, though: If we waited until we were 100% certain that there wouldn’t be any surprises or obstacles or difficulties, we’d never move forward. Ever. And that’s not just in the realm of adoption. That’s life in general.

So, in order for this adoption to happen in a timely manner, we’re going to need help. In fact, we need your help. It is no secret that adoption costs can add up. Quickly. So here’s what we’re doing…

We’re putting together a 500-piece puzzle. It will hang in Little Man’s room. We’re going to frame it in a double-sided frame so you can look at the front and the back of the puzzle. On the back of the puzzle will be the names of everyone who sponsored a puzzle piece. It will be a powerful reminder of how so many people are part of the story of Little Man coming to our family! It only takes a simple $10 donation to sponsor a puzzle piece. You can find all the details and a breakdown of where the money is going by visiting our fundraiser page.

Or, you can simply give here:

Now, if you’re quick at math, you’ll notice that we’re only offering sponsorship of 499 pieces. Why not 500? Because we want Little Man to put in the last piece when he comes home.

Even if you don’t want to/won’t/can’t support our efforts by sponsoring a puzzle piece, please help us spread the word! Feel free to tweet about it, share it on facebook, grab the widget, and/or email your friends, family, and co-workers about it. Shoot. You could even let people know by smoke signals if you think that’ll do the trick!

The quicker we can raise this money, the quicker we can pay the fees. The quicker we can pay the fees, the quicker we can bring Little Man home!!

On Monday of next week, I’ll let you know of another way you can help with our adoption expenses. I hope you like coffee…

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