Why I’m glad Peyton is no longer a Colt

Peyton Manning conducting Rocky Top at Neyland Stadium
image via Washington Post

I’ve been a fan of Petyon Manning’s since we lived in the long, orange shadow of the Vols while he was playing for Tennessee. I was excited that he was drafted by the Colts. I, like the rest of Indianapolis, was sad to watch this press conference not too long ago:

Apparently, some people still think that Irsay made the wrong call. Some people think that Manning should still be a Colt.

While I wish Peyton was still wearing the Blue Horseshoe, I’m glad he is no longer playing for Indianapolis. I have 41 reasons why. Some of them are pretty vicious.

Andrew Luck getting sacked by the Vikings
image via TwinCities.com
Andrew Luck sacked by the Bears
image via NY Daily News
Andrew Luck getting sacked by the Redskins
image via Washington Post

Mr. Luck spent a lot of time on the ground last year. Peyton Manning playing behind that kind of “protection” could have led been career-ending. Watch that video again and imagine #18 getting hit like that. I realize and appreciate how violent football can be. I realize that Manning got hit in Denver last year. But he didn’t get hit as much as Luck did. He was only sacked 21 times.

In case Skip Bayless didn’t know, that’s twenty fewer sacks than the Colts offensive line allowed. Getting hit like that can take its toll on the body. And remember – no one really knew how Peyton’s neck was going to hold up last year.

I’m glad Peyton landed on his feet. I’m glad he’s shattering all those records in Denver. I hope he keeps doing well. And there will always be part of me that wishes he was still a Colt. But not after last season. Because I’m not entirely sure he would have survived last season. The way that O-line played last year, Mr. Manning could still be a former Colt.

I’m much happier seeing him on the field instead of out of the game altogether. That being said, it’s still going to be tough watching the Colts hit him (assuming, of course, they can get to the quarterback – something they couldn’t do last night).

You might disagree with me. You still might think it was a terrible decision to cut ties with #18. That’s OK. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

Unless you’re Skip Bayless.

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