That’s SO romantic!

Romantic Sunset
I haven’t always been the best at planning things for our anniversary. One year, I had to work second shift at the candy warehouse. Another year, I thought it would be kind of romantic to run a wedding rehearsal on our anniversary. Not sure what I was thinking about that one. We’ve gone out of town for a few anniversaries and those were fun. But those were generally BK.* I’m always open to great ideas that I can steal use.

There are tons of websites written by women for women about amazing date ideas and nifty knickknacks someone can make for her hubby and they’re oh-so-adorable (you have to imagine me saying that in the highest-pitched voice imaginable), but they really don’t help many guys come up with romantic ways to woo their significant others.

OK….they don’t help me. I’m just projecting here and assuming they aren’t much help to other guys, too. And most of the romantic tips I’ve read for guys talk about doing the dishes and taking care of the kids and stuff like that. I get it. That’s a great thing to do. But doing the dishes doesn’t qualify as celebrating your anniversary.

Does it?

Romantic Cafe

This has gotten me to thinking. I know. Scary proposition.

Surely there are some romantic dudes (am I allowed to say that word?) who read my blog. And if not, surely there are some ladies who have had romantic things done for them.

So let’s hear about them!

Guys: what’s the most romantic thing you’ve done?

Ladies: what’s the most romantic thing someone has done for you?

This is a perfect time to show off! You can share your experiences in the comments if you’d like. Please keep it PG, though. If it’s something really special, you’re more than welcome to write a guest post. Just email me about it and we’ll hammer out the details. Who knows? Maybe we could start a series or something.


And no, I’m not fishing for ideas for our anniversary. I already have that taken care of, thankyouverymuch.

*BK = “Before Kids.” But you probably already figured that out.

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My man does the big romantic gestures at times,, but i have to say the ones that touch me most and don’t cost much or anything are the things he does daily. Every day he compliments me – tells me he likes the clothes I’m wearing, or how my eyes look with my make up done a little different or that he thinks my shoes are cute (I know these are the bad hair days – but the point is he always compliments something). And he notices – he notices when I get my haircut, or when the color gets refreshed or changed very slightly. He makes me smile every day and most of all – he always wants to hold my hand or physically touch when we are in that proximity. And damn – when he holds my face to kiss me. I would take those daily moments over the expensive gifts any day!