How ’bout them football Hoosiers? [Guest Post]

I asked Aiden to share his thoughts about the new football helmets that the Hoosiers will be wearing this year. Since our visit to The Rock a few months agohe’s been determined to play both basketball and football for the Cream and Crimson. He’s talented enough that I wouldn’t put it past him.

Aiden at The Rock at Indiana University
Today’s Guest Author at The Rock


Anybody hear about the new Indiana University football helmets that will be released for the 2013-14 NCAA season? They look pretty sweet. I especially like the shiny silver and red helmet. I think that it will bring more attention tot he program and it makes them look more modern (maybe futuristic).

As a (hopefully) future recruit of Indiana, I like how the helmets look in their style. They show that they are FROM Indiana with their helmet. Not watching much IU football growing up,* I never really got to see their helmets, and what I had seen is now just blurry memories. If I even have a chance to put on one of those IU helmets, I would do it in a heartbeat.

New IU football helmets for the 2013 season
image via AP

I can’t wait to see those new helmets for next season. Although I will be turning away during the many times the other team scores, I will be keeping my eyes on those helmets for a long while.

*Dad’s note: We had no access to IU games when we lived in Tennessee. And when we moved to Muncie, all the games were moved to the Big Ten Network, which still kept the games out of his reach. Fortunately, Aiden has a Dad who is dedicated to raising his son right.

What do YOU think about the new helmets? Love them? Hate them? Indifferent?

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