Excuse me while I brag about my kids

Christy and I have the honor and privilege of parenting three pretty amazing kids. In the last day and a half, each child has had an opportunity to shine brightly in his or her own way. It’s been pretty special to watch. So if you don’t mind, I’m going to brag about them just a little bit…


Star Preschool Graduate
Mihret graduated from preschool today. Each student was given a special award that fits his or her personality. Mihret was named Most Determined in her class. We weren’t surprised at all. Whenever teachers and therapists talk to her, they marvel at her work ethic and determination. We kinda marvel at her work ethic and determination, too! I can’t wait to see how she wows her Kindergarten teachers next year!

Preschool Graduate
Aly took this picture. She’s becoming quite the photographer.


Aly volleyball
Last night was the final game in Aly’s volleyball season. It’s been fun to watch her team get better with each game they played. As they started this final three-game series last night, however, they looked pretty flat. They lost the first game by a pretty wide margin. The second game didn’t start off too well, either. Before we knew it, they were down 14-1. Things looked bleak.

Then something amazing happened. Aly and her team scored a point. Then another point. And another. And another. They rallied from a 14-1 deficit to an 18-14 lead. That’s right. They rattled off 17 straight points and eventually won that game.

They won the final, series-deciding match in a nail-biter. And Aly had the game-winning serve!

Aly Serving
No, this isn’t the final serve from the final series. It’s from a different game.

I’m so proud of her! Not just because she won the game, but because she worked hard at getting better and played her best and was a great teammate.


Aiden receiving his Pride Award
Aiden was one of only four boys in his entire class to be given the Class Pride Award today. The engraving on the plaque says that this award is:

for demonstrating (school pride) and serving as an encourager go other students

We see these traits in Aiden all the time. It’s nice to know that others see them in him, too.
Aiden and his Pride Award

Needless to say, we’re quite proud of our children and their accomplishments this week. While I’m looking forward to seeing how God uses them and their uniqueness in the future, I’m pretty amazed at how He is using their talents and abilities right now!

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