Y is for Youth

A to Z Challenge 2013 Y is for Youth

Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young…
1 Timothy 4:12 [NLT]

Gray hair is a crown of glory;
it is gained by living a godly life.
Proverbs 16:31 [NLT]

Old Man

It’s funny. I’m kind of an old man where I work. I’m definitely not the oldest person here. But I’m also definitely not the youngest. By far. The late 80s, early 90s cultural references I make either go over my younger co-workers’ heads or it leads them to say something like “Oh yeah. They were big when I was in Kindergarten.” To which I respond, “Kindergarten? I was in college!” For most of my colleagues, owning a CD is old-school. Let’s not even think about cassette tapes or vinyl albums. Their Challenger/JFK moment was 9/11. And most probably didn’t ever have to use a rotary phone. It’s amazing how things have changed so rapidly over the last few years.

I’ll be honest: Sometimes it makes me feel a little bit old. Not too old. I guess just….older.

Young Pup

This is the complete opposite way I felt when I pastored the small church south of Muncie. Most of the people in that congregation had children that were older than me. Several had grandchildren that were my age. And while I doubt it was ever intentional, there were several times where some of the leadership made me feel like a young pup.

A too young pup.

A looked-down-upon pup.

You Have My Permission

If anyone catches me treating someone younger than me like that, you have my permission to call me out on it. True, my “crown of glory” might be growing with each passing day, but that doesn’t mean I have any right to look down on someone else because that person is significantly younger than me.

Every day, I’m surrounded by some pretty creative, passionate, and energetic people. And you know what? It’s exhibited by everyone all across the age spectrum. I refuse to box someone into a stereotype because that person “hasn’t lived life yet” or is too “out of touch.” All of our stories are different. In the same light, there are parts of our stories that are similar.  I refuse to define others by their age. Because, to twist a quote from Master Yoda


Look at me. Judge me by age do you? And where you should not…

Besides. Age is all relative anyway. Right?

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