H is for Health Care

H is for Health Care A to Z Challenge

We talk a lot about health care in this country.

Scratch that.

We yell at each other a lot about health care in this country. I understand it. I really do. I get the tension between the two sides. I understand the concern about having government having it’s hands in every aspect of our lives. I also understand the desire to make health care affordable for everyone. I also understand this: I drive by at least three hospitals on my way to work every morning.

You know what else I understand?

Only 3% of births in Ethiopia are attended by a medical professional. In Ethiopia, 25,000 women die every year because of pregnancy-related complications because they can’t get to medical care in time. Let that number soak in. Twenty five thousand. As a whole, “as much 80 percent of the health problems in the country are due to preventable communicable and nutritional diseases.” That’s a far cry from the access to the most basic health care that is readily accessible here in the States.

A clinic is in the process of being completed in rural Ethiopia that has our family’s attention. We’ve been to the area. We’ve visited the clinic that’s already there.

Sinshicho Health Center Ethiopia

Holt International is in the process of completing a Mother & Child Health Center in the area. This is a big deal. This health center will greatly improve the quality of life of families in the region – a region of 250,000+ people. The still need the funding to be able to complete the project. But I’m certain that this will eventually be fully funded. I’m praying it happens sooner rather than later, though.

In the meantime, I hope we remember the Sinshicho health center as we drive by the countless hospitals, doctors offices, urgent care clinics, and pharmacies every single day. Maybe we can do something about helping them out in between the shouting matches we have about the health care system in our country.

A guy can dream, can’t he?

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