A to Z Challenge: C is for Coffee

C is for Coffee #AtoZChallenge
I’ve heard stories about my Grandmama and coffee. I recently had this confirmed because I wasn’t sure if I was actually remembering this story or if I had somehow made it up and convinced myself that it was real. After talking with my aunt, I now know that it was very real. Grandmama’s kids weren’t allowed to even get out of bed until after she’d had her first cup of coffee. While that’s a pretty strong dedication to coffee, it probably speaks more to the reality of having four boys and a girl in your house.

I don’t remember ever experiencing that rule when Kevin and I would spend the night at their house. I do, however, remember that Grandmama tried to pass along her dedication to the magic bean. There were several times where I’d be sitting at the breakfast table with her and she’d offer me a cup of coffee. I tried it a couple of times. She’d always suggest I put a lot of milk in it.

It never helped.

I couldn’t stand the stuff.

Still can’t.

So when Christy and I were in Ethiopia to bring Mihret home with us, I found myself in a nice little dilemma. Ethiopians love their coffee. They’re quite proud of it. I knew we were going to participate in a coffee ceremony or two and I didn’t want to offend our hosts, but I was genuinely concerned about gagging on the coffee or needing some kind of flavored drink to serve as a chaser to wash away the expected coffee nastiness.

I never had to chase the coffee. It turns out, Ethiopians know how to make a pretty amazing cup of coffee. I guess it makes sense. After all, they’ve been doing it for centuries. I’ve never experienced a drink like it. It was pretty fabulous.
Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony 001

Call me a coffee snob if you want. I don’t care. I really don’t like coffee. Unless it’s made by the experts – and even then I only enjoy it on a limited basis. Fortunately, they brew a pretty good cup right here in town.

And I like to think Grandmama would be OK with that.

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I’m with you, I don’t like coffee either. I have tired it several different ways and it is still an acquired taste. That just means it taste bad and you have to make yourself like it. The best way I have found if I must drink it is with lots of peppermint. Starbucks has a Peppermint Mocha they serve in the cold months that I can handle. I get an extra shot of peppermint and it does a pretty good job of hiding the coffee taste on those rare days that I must have a boost. My husband who works with computers was an addict. For our wedding present in 2011 he gave up caffeine. I married one man but went on the honeymoon with someone completely different! haha.

Sarah Cass

I have never liked coffee either…but now you have me really curious about that coffee. That place isn’t too far from me, I may have to try it out!


Ask for the coffee ceremony. I put a little bit of the creamer in it, but not much.

Groupon usually has a good deal for Major Restaurant if you’re ever up for trying some Ethiopian cuisine!

Joanne Penney

I would LOVE to try expert coffee like that (and I love all kinds of coffee – an addiction passed down from my father, from his mother).