My postseason dream for basketball in Indiana

I might be the only one, but I think this would be pretty awesome.

I realize a lot of things would have to align just so, and the alignment might have already happened, but now that Purdue and Evansville have been knocked out of their respective conference tournaments, why not have them meet in a postseason tournament?

Images via UE Admissions and Writing Illini.
Images via UE Admissions and Writing Illini.

I’m pretty sure both teams would have to be invited to the NIT in order for this to happen. Although UE has said they would host a CBI or CIT game if they don’t get an NIT invitation, I’m not sure if a B1G team would accept a bid to one of those tournaments. But it’s starting to look like both teams getting into the NIT is a long-shot. In fact, it’s highly likely that  neither team will be invited to the NIT. And that would kill my dream.

And it’s such a beautiful dream.

Aces vs. Boilermakers. White and Purple (and the occasional Orange) vs. Gold and Black. Evansville vs. West Lafayette. Ace Purple vs. Purdue Pete.

Someone needs to make this happen. Maybe I should petition the White House.

As Andrew Cabiness has rightfully pointed out, Purdue has a losing record. That kills any chance of them going to the NIT. So this dream is dead. I knew it was too good to come to fruition this year. Just one more reason to dislike the Boilermakers. Dream killers.

**Update #2**
Hammer and Rails suggests Purdue might want to consider accepting a CBI bid. ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST, PEOPLE!!

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