Shortly after we brought Mihret home from Ethiopia, I began to wonder if there was room in our family for another child. I think it was only a month or two before I could actually bring myself to say it out loud. But I also knew it would be a long-shot for us to be able to adopt again so quickly. There were so many concerns that we had about Mihret’s health that it just wasn’t the right timing. Additionally, all of our financial resources were exhausted in bringing Mihret home and we still needed some Divine provision for us to be able to bring her home. I know it’s the wrong way to think about responding in faith, but it kind of felt like we’d be trying to get blood from a turnip. And that’s not ideal.

Of course, Aiden has been lobbying for us to adopt a baby brother since…oh…about a week after we returned from Ethiopia. I think part of the reason is because he’d be a fabulous Big Brother to a little boy. I also think he’s tired of being outnumbered by the girls in The Fishbowl.

Somewhere along the way, we discovered a little boy in Latin America named Mark
. He has captured our imagination and a little bit of our hearts even though we’ve never met him. We’ve hoped and prayed that he would have a mommy and daddy. And thought and secretly hoped that maybe we could be his mommy and daddy.

Mark in Latin America

We discovered some heartbreaking news about Mark today. He has been diagnosed with leukemia. No child should have to battle cancer. And no child should ever have to battle cancer without a mommy and daddy by his side. Ever. So we asked if it was even possible for us to begin the process of adopting Mark.

We can’t.

We don’t qualify to pursue adopting him. I could explain more, but it doesn’t really matter at this point. We simply don’t qualify. Combine these two pieces of information and our day has been pretty devastating today.

So now I’m asking you to help us. Please pray for Mark in Latin America. Pray for the people who are caring for him. And pray for him to get treatment.

And pray for for Mark to find a forever family.


Do you think you could be his forever family? Even if not, I beg you to join us in praying for him

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