Mr. @CSIndy’s response to Mr. @BgKahuna’s rebuttal

Last week, I promised that I would allow more space for the Big Bald Blog Debate of 2012. Then AT&T went and pulled the plug on everything.

So here’s the response to the rebuttal to the reply to the….I think you get the idea…

Here’s the last post, in case you’ve lost track.

Thanks,, for the photo.

First of all, its CS_Indy. Not Mr.Indy. Please address me by my handle, not by some made up moniker. You are not the Master of Puppets.

Now, to address Mr. BgKahuna’s points. In his first paragraph he ADMITS to being a Hair. “.. I would like to say that yes, I am a Hair..” So right there he draws the line. He chooses a side. He shows his unloyalty to the Balds.

  1. His first talking point….shot down by his opening paragraph. He is not a committed bald. He admitted to being a Hair, there is no both in this situation.
  2. Yes the BgKahuna went bald for a great cause. He then chose to go back and forth on his stance on Hairs -vs- Balds. This resulted in an #OccupyROUNDPEG situation that brought innocent people into the middle of his own choices. He made it us versus them. Bald -vs- Hair. 
  3. As to whether or.not BgKahuna is a Flip-flopper…..does he, or does he not go back and forth between being a Bald, and being a Hair? Yes, yes he does. There is no excuse. Especially his laziness one. It’s hair…shave it off. You have time to style your “wicked fu-man-chu” but not time to smooth the scalp? Whatever… ¬†Make it happen.

And in closing…your head is in no way bigger than mine. Point in case… I have my own running #YourHeadIsSoBig joke thanks to @Da_Rhettster and @Fatheadz. Do you? No. No you don’t. We have discovered, through the power of social media, that your head is not that big.

Thanks for your time and understanding.

Live Bald and Prosper.

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