Thanks for Nothing, AT&T

I wrote this Friday, morning, but I haven’t had a way to post it until today. Read on and you’ll see why.

I was going to post a response to BgKahuna’s response to the accusations that call into question his dedication to Bald. The plan was to do that while I was sitting in our garage and waiting for people to buy our stuff. I didn’t think that would be a problem because Christy had called AT&T Uverse, our service provider, to cancel our service at this house. They said it would be shut off at the end of business today.

Apparently AT&T closes at 5. In the morning

That’s when they shut off our service. So no Internet access for me until I can set it up over at our apartment (or borrow it from a nearby dining establishment). But that won’t happen until this evening. I find it amusing/ironic/frustrating/kick-someone’s-teeth-in-worthy that it took more than a month for me to get AT&T connected at this house. They didn’t waste any time at all in shutting us down though. That’s just quality, quality service. Isn’t it?

So, while we’ve been without service all day, Mihret has been asking us over and over and over again if she could watch Blue’s Clues. On netflix. Which requires Internet access. She doesn’t understand that it doesn’t just magically appear on the big black box. So thanks for that, AT&T.

Thanks for nothing.

I’m and I approve this message.

Addendum (10/14/2012): Don’t look so smug, Comcast. Your service is equally as horrible. Maybe even more so. I still fail to see how on earth it takes two hours of phone calls over a the span of eight days to get service switched to this address.

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