This isn’t a Pity Party. I Don’t Want Your Pity

I promise.

This isn’t a post to try to get you to feel sorry for me.

This isn’t a post to present myself as a martyr.

This isn’t a post that’s shouting out “Woe is me! Look at how much craziness is going on! Please feel pity on me!”

This really isn’t a pity party that I’m throwing for myself. I just thought this picture was pretty hilarious.

No. That’s not why I’m writing this.

From the beginning of this blog some eight years ago, I’ve tried to be as transparent and authentic as possible. That’s just how things happen on Life in the Fishbowl. I haven’t held back when talking about death. I haven’t held back when talking about our church transition. I haven’t held back in discussing my struggles as a student. I didn’t hold back during our adoption journey or when Mihret was  in the hospital or that scary night in the ER.

I guess I’m going back through all of this to say that maybe it isn’t really a surprise that I’m about to tell you that things are absolutely bonkers around here right now.

Shortly after moving into our house, we began to notice a musty smell that just wouldn’t go away in the downstairs bathroom. It kept getting worse as the year went on. To make a year-long story very short, someone finally listened to us and it was discovered that the walls downstairs are covered in mold.

That happened about two weeks ago.

We’ve found another apartment. The owner is letting us out of our lease. We move one week from today.

So, we’re packing at a furious rate, trying to make the most of every moment we have. Some people from our church small group are coming over this evening – at 9 p.m. See what I mean? Every. single. moment.

Those moments have been hard to come by since we put our deposit down on the apartment on Monday. This week was playoff time for Aiden’s football team. They earned a first-round bye and faced their first opponent Wednesday evening. We knew all week that if they beat that opponent, they’d have a rematch with the team they upset on Saturday:

Aiden’s Hokies did win on Wednesday. In triple overtime. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see it.

Monday morning, we received word that my step-grandpa, Dr. Bloss, died in a car crash. This was shocking news, to say the least. Kevin and I drove down to Evansville to be with family during the events surrounding Thursday’s funeral. Even though I sat through his funeral, I’m still rather shocked by the whole series of events. Of course my heart goes out to Grandma, who has had to bury another person who was very close to her, but my heart also goes out to his children and grandchildren. This week was so full of heartbreak for them and I pray they keep clinging to hope as they begin to pick up the pieces.

So Christy was texting me updates throughout the game. I did the best I could to contain myself. I was in a funeral home, after all.

As you already know, yesterday was Mihret’s birthday. So I wanted to get home as soon as I could to be with her. I also got to see the end of the Hokies’ rematch game with the team they beat Saturday. The result wasn’t nearly as happy. Hokies lost, 14-0. Their remarkable season had come to an end. I was so impressed with their coach and the way he made sure they left the field with their heads held high. They had a great season.

So now we’re purging and packing. I’ve already given away some 60-70% of my ministry library. Even if I wind up in a full-time ministry position, I’m pretty sure I won’t use those books again anyway. So why not let someone else use them? We’re planning on hosting a HUGE garage sale on Friday and maybe Saturday. During that time, we’ll also be moving into our new place. If you’re interested in buying any of our stuff and would like more information, don’t hesitate to hit me up on twitter! Please come buy our stuff! 😀

Whew. I’m kind of exhausted just writing all of that. But no time for that.

Time to keep purging and packing. And following Pat McAfee’s advice.

Let’s make the most of every opportunity we’ve been given! You never know what tomorrow will bring.

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