Icing on the Cake

Candy stripes on a cake?!? Yes, please! Should've thought of this for my groom's cake!

It wasn’t supposed to happen this soon. With the amazing talent that’s coming in the very near future, fans were told to expect an NIT bid, or maybe entrance as a bubble-team into the Tournament.

But magic has happened this season. Teams ranked #1, #2, and #5 all left Assembly Hall with losses. The Hoosiers made an amazing turnaround from the previous seasons, exceeding almost all preseason expectations.

And now? The rematch the KY Wildcat fans have been wishing for since the last time they played is upon us. The die-hard, smack-talking fan says they should be careful what they wish for. But I don’t know. The players have had to watch that shot go in over and over again since they lost. Then again, the Hoosiers have to keep hearing how it was a lucky shot over and over again. Nevermind the fact that Watford takes that shot in every single game and it goes in. Every. single. time. But then again, you just can’t reason with some fans. Don’t bother them with the facts.

Some say this game will make or break the Hoosiers’ season. I don’t think so. This game is icing on the cake. Just like no one except IU fans expect the Hoosiers to win tonight, no one in the world expected them to be a top-25 team in the Sweet 16 this year. This team has exceeded expectations over and over again. It’s been an amazing success and a testimony to the hard work put in by some pretty dedicated young men and their coaches. Nothing that happens this weekend will validate or negate the success of this team. The resurrection is upon us.

But we all like icing. Lots and lots of it. And none of us wants this ride to end. It would be great for the national experts to be proven wrong once again.

Go Hoosiers! Beat the Cats (again)!!

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