Mihret’s Big Catch

We took the kids fishing last night at an area park. The big kids started off and Mihret just tossed some rocks on the shore, perfectly content. When Aly lost interest, Mihret insisted that she have a turn. So, I cast out the line and let her reel it in. She seemed perfectly content.

But then, something happened. I noticed her struggling with the line. It got very taut. I put my hands on the rod to help her and realized that something had grabbed hold of the line. This was no stick fish or rock fish, which had been popular catches earlier in the evening. No. This was alive!

I’ll be honest. I didn’t really expect her to catch anything. And I definitely wasn’t expecting a catfish! So I wasn’t ready to do anything with it once she’d caught it.

I don’t know if I’ve ever caught a catfish. I know I’ve caught bluegill, sunfish, and rainbow trout. Don’t remember catching any catfish though. I do remember hearing that they can be tricky to release. So I did what any good fisherman did.

I called my dad.

Well…Christy called him. I was too busy trying to get the fish close enough for Mihret to see it, but far enough away from her to keep her from getting stung by…well…whatever it was that could be painful when you touch it (I honestly couldn’t remember. Some fisherman, huh? 😉 ).

Dad strongly suggested that I use a glove or a towel or something like that to remove the hook, just to keep my hands safe. We didn’t have anything like that (believe me, I will the next time). So we used the only thing we had available.

A diaper.

And yes, it was a clean diaper.

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Love it! What park was it? You can tell me on FB or twitter if you don’t want to broadcast it, internet weirdos and all. Josh is dying to go fishing sometime!