Fireworks (as best as I can remember them)

I’ve spent the 4th in several different places over the years. Growing up, I just remember spending time with my extended family for Independence Day (which was totally awesome, by the way). The last time that happened, however, was in 1994. So I’ve decided to compile a list of the places I’ve been to for their Fourth of July celebrations – as best as I can remember them, anyway..

Update (July 4, 2012): I’ve decided to keep this list updated as the years go by

2013 Westfield, IN, with Kevin, Liz, Caedmon, Graely, and Laura (Westfield Rocks the 4th!)
 New Whiteland, IN,  (with Building 429) at Honor Our Heroes (7/1). Watched the Indy fireworks on TV on the Fourth.
Westfield, IN, with Kevin, Liz, Caedmon, Graely (Westfield Rocks the 4th!)
2010 Westfield, IN, with Kevin, Liz, Caedmon, Graely (Westfield Rocks the 4th)
2009 Yorktown, IN, with Kevin, Liz, Caedmon
2008 Mooresville, IN, with Kevin, Liz, Caedmon and Dave, Laura, John and Zach
2007 Johnson City, TN, with Joanie Schmidt and Melissa Stoneburger. I might be wrong. We might have gone with them in 2005.It was an impressive display.
2006 Jonesborough, TN, with Kevin and Liz
2005 ???
2004 ?? I might have had to work
2003 Lawrence, IN, with Kevin and Liz
2002 ??
2001 ??
2000 ??
(I’m pretty sure we spent 2000-2002 with Kevin and Liz, but I’m not sure which ones were in Lawrence, Alexandria, or somewhere else)
1999 Danville, KY, at the Boyle County Fairgrounds. Just me and Christy. I guess this was the first Fourth we spent together, since I had to work in ’97 and we were in separate parts of the country in ’96 and ’98.
1998 Athens, OH, with my mom and dad
1997 Johnson City, TN, with my co-workers. I worked till 1 a.m. at Baskin-Robbins that night. It was absolutely insane.
1996 Philmont Scout Ranch, with the Crater Lake crew. I’m pretty sure I did not have the day off that day, so we probably had our own “fireworks” at the campfire.
1995 Eagle Nest, NM, with other Philmont staffers. It was interesting to be sitting on the side of a mountain, looking down on the fireworks display.
1994 Evansville, IN, with the Todd family. This was the last time I saw Grandmama alive.
1993 Evansville, IN. I remember lighting sparklers with my girlfriend at the time, but I don’t remember if I watched fireworks with her or with my family.
1992 Albuquerque, NM, with Kevin and my parents. The show was held on the Air Force base and we watched from a distance. I remember listening to The Imperial March on my walkman because we were too far away to hear the music. I had grown spoiled, becoming accustomed to having a live orchestra to listen to while watching the show.
1991 Dodge City, KS, with my dad and the rest of the Troop 322 Philmont crew. Well….you might not be able to say I actually saw the fireworks because we watched them from a church parking lot and the trees blocked the view, even though our hosts swore it was the best view in town.

What about you? Have you watched the fireworks from any memorable places? Anywhere that’s particularly special to you?

I still have #37 to do on my 100-ish Things list. 

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