Traditional Dinner

Saturday (9/19) was a busy day. We spent the morning at the National Museum (as mentioned here earlier…I’ll have more from inside at a later date). Then we got to spend some time in the afternoon with our children at the Center.

That evening, we were met by some representatives from our adoption agency for a traditional Ethiopian dinner at he Abyssinian. The atmosphere was amazing! There was also a wedding reception there and we might have been a tad bit underdressed. But we got to experience (from a distance) some of the wedding celebration. Priceless!

The food was amazing. I was glad we’d experienced Ethiopian cuisine before, or I would have been completely lost. The food was served in a buffet so you could get as little or as much as you wanted. And there was a server behind the buffet who was very helpful in explaining what some of the different dishes were. And he did so with such passion. I felt kind of bad bypassing the dish that I was pretty sure he said had cow stomach in it.

But not that bad.

There was also a band with dancers. We were told they generally dance until midnight or one in the morning, but since it was such a full house, it was much warmer in there and they probably wouldn’t go that long into the night. We didn’t stay long enough to find out. We had a very long and emotional day ahead of us. And we needed to be in the vans early in the morning. Although we wanted to stay longer, we needed to get back to the hotel to get as much rest as possible.

Videos of the dancers. Can you imagine dancing like this for 5+ hours?

By the way – I love the girls’ big, bouncy hair! I think I secretly hope that Mihret’s will be like that, too. Although we’ll still have no idea how to care for it. 😉

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