The dossier all neat and ready to go.
The dossier - all neat and ready to go.

A few weeks ago, we reached a major milestone in the adoption process. We were finally able to gather up all of the paperwork required for the adoption paperchase! WooHoo!

As soon as we got the final document notarized, we visited the good people at Kinko’s…I mean…FedEx Office to get that puppy out of our hands and on its way to Ethiopia. So now our life-story and supporting documents are in the hands of the adoption agency. After everything is double-checked and translated into Amharic, it will be shipped to Addis Ababa and the Ethiopian Courts will finally have the opportunity to tell us that yes, Little Girl is, in fact, ours!

Wow! Thats a lot of documents!
Wow! That's a lot of documents!

In the words of a certain Dark Lord of the Sith, “This will be a day long remembered…” I didn’t realize how stressful the paperchase really is until I actually started down that road. But when we left Kinko’s…I mean…FedEx Office, I felt this tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders (very similar to my experience described here).  The paperchase is over!!!

Dear FedEx: Please get this package to its destination safely. Its VERY important. Thank you. Have a nice day.
Dear FedEx: Please get this package to its destination safely. It's VERY important. Thank you. Have a nice day.

God has provided in remarkable (and unexpected) ways during this process already! But is that really a surprise? We serve a remarkable God. So why should we expect anything less from Him during all of this?

So now we wait (again). But there’s still lots to do during the waiting this time. Soon, you’ll have an opportunity to share in the process as we continue to prepare our home and our hearts for this beautiful girl who has already captured our affection and our imagination.

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Howdy. I'm Matt Todd. My wife and I have four kids and a dog,. I'm passionate about orphan care. I'm a die-hard fan of the Evansville Aces, the Indiana Hoosiers, and Star Wars. I'm trying to live life by the Todd family motto: "It behooves us to live!"

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Kevin D. Hendricks

Congrats! Putting together the dossier can be pretty daunting, huh? All those ridiculous forms, all those copies of legal documents, all those signatures from random people (hello, chief of police, I need a letter from you saying I’m not a felon). Congratulations on getting it all finished. That’s huge.


Thanks, Kevin! My favorite items include the two sets of fingerprints and two sets of criminal background checks.

Oh yeah – and the fact that we had to get our water tested. Ironic. And sad at the same time because it was another reminder of the water conditions that most people have in Ethiopia.

Cindy M

I commented on facebook, but, just for the record, I wanted to officially congratulate you here, too! Any estimates on how long before your court date? Can’t wait!!


Our agency told us that once the dossier is received in Ethiopia, it’s generally four months until court date. Of course, the courts usually close in August for the rainy season so that could push things back a bit.

Once we’re approved by the court (hopefully on the first try), the travel date is generally six weeks after that. I think we’re looking at November-ish.


Wow.. this is absolutely wonderful news. Congrats to you and the family. Im happy for you all. Please do keep us updated on the process!!!