Flashback Friday


Halloween, circa 1986. If I remember correctly, Im wearing my grandfathers uniform.
Halloween, circa 1986. If I remember correctly, I'm wearing my grandfather's uniform.

The Stars and Stripes are flying in all of their glory this week.


And rightfully so. 

It’s Memorial Day. A time when we remember those who gave their lives in military service. 

Of course, Memorial Day carries other meanings as well. It’s the weekend of the “Greatest spectacle in racing.” 

It’s also the weekend where groceries have great bargains. I was in one store that had a buy two hotdog packages, get three free. Now that’s a deal!

Of course, it’s also the time that gas stations conveniently increase their prices. I guess it all evens out in the end.

Although the summer blockbuster season began a few weeks ago with the release of Star Trek, this is traditionally the season’s opening weekend. And one of the most talked about releases this weekend is Terminator:Salvation. The jury’s still out on whether I’m going to try to go see it in the theaters or not. 

Have you seen it yet? Should I go see it?

My friends and I watched T2 many times in high school. We thought it was one of the best movies around. And yeah, it was pretty cool. Whenever the movie is on one of the cable networks, I have to pause and watch for a few minutes and think back to those times.

Of course, T2 also includes one of the greatest soundtrack songs from the 90s. Some say it’s one of the greatest songs from the 90s. Others say it’s one of the greatest soundtrack songs ever. Yeah. That’s probably a bit hyperbole. But it’s definitely a catchy tune, even though the language is a little rough.

With that being said, everyone crank up your speakers, put on a nice bandanna or a kilt, and get ready to bang your head and do the Axl Dance (aka “The Snake“)

Guns n Roses was one of the few hard rock bands that thrived during the grunge era. Too bad they broke up. Yeah, I know. GNR is still around. But, come on. Are they really the same band without Slash?

I think not.

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I actually remeber this song and I have been waiting for the new Terminator to come out… However my wallet says I have to wait for it to comeout on Net Flix…lol. If you see it u definitely have to give us a review.