Flashback Friday

Proud Papa
Proud Papa

Because of limited access to the last week (Seriously? 10 bucks a day?), I was unable to post last week’s Flashback Friday. Because it’s a time-sensitive post and because I don’t want to end the streak of Flashback Friday posts, it’s time for Flashback Friday: Monday Edition.

Since they’re playing the Championship Game tonight, it’s only fitting to recognize it with One Shining Moment

Proud Grandpa
Proud Grandpa

The video from this particular year is quite memorable for me. And no, it’s not just because Indiana had their magical run to the Championship Game (including a phenomenal comeback win against top-seeded Duke). It’s actually because of what happened after the game.

Although she didn’t admit it at the time, I was pretty sure that Christy was going into labor during the second half of the Indiana vs. Maryland game. Dad and I had a practice of talking to each other over the phone after each IU game during that year’s tournament. I distinctly remember being on the phone with him at the end of the game and hearing him talk, but not really listening to the words because Christy was showing some serious signs of labor. I think I managed an occasional “uh-huh” before I said I had to go. Fortunately, Mom was there (she stayed with Aiden) and explained the situation to Dad while I grabbed the suitcase and got things ready.

Just a few hours later, Alyson was born.

So who ya got tonight? Will the favored Tar Heels live up to the hype, or will the hometown favorite Spartans pull off the minor upset?

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Heather Rodriguez

UNC baby! 🙂 So nice of Christy to wait till after the game LOL I warned Juan ours may happen during a football game….


I kept asking her during the second half if she wanted me to call the doctor or if we needed to go ahead and go to the hospital. She kept saying no.

She was born and raised in Indiana, so I guess it really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. 🙂


It’s tough for me, since I ran into some pretty jerky MSU fans when I was at the IU game a month ago. But it’s really hard not to pull for the Big(11)Ten, so I think I’m leaning towards Sparty.

But don’t tell Aiden. He picked Carolina to win it all. He’s been a fan of UNC since he was a Tar Heel three or four years ago.