Flashback Friday

Really –

does it get better than this?

Make sure to pay attention to the complex choreography. Be careful not to blink, though. You might miss it.

And don’t forget the hair. Then again, how could you miss the hair?

I hope you have a great weekend and has nothin but a good time!

Now that you’ve watched the video, you have to read this post at Without Wax! The author, @pwilson, is one of the pastors of a church in Nashville, Tennessee. If you have followed Poison at all, this post will absolutely blow your mind! If you want to watch the video that accompanies the post, you can view it here.

Speaking of hair – especially bad hair – if you zoom in on my school picture, you’ll see one of my most memorable haircuts. If you remember from a previous post, the common hairstyle of the day was a variation of the bowl cut. But this simple haircut went horribly wrong. Apparently, the back of my hair was cut too short and wouldn’t lay down the right way. In fact, it wouldn’t lay down at all. A barber friend tried to rectify the situation and apparently made it look better than it did. My hair still shot out in different directions, though.

I remember Aunt Patsy talking about taking me to the pool and having her heart broken because she heard a kid call me a porcupine. I like to think I was just ahead of the curve. A trend-setter, if you will. Because a few years later, everyone was getting buzz-cuts and flat-tops.

Yeah – who’s a porcupine now?

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