Not-so-close Encounters at Assembly Hall

My cousin Jason and his girlfriend, Kara, with their friend, Kyle Taber.
My cousin Jason and his girlfriend, Kara, with their friend, Kyle Taber.

Well, I didn’t run into Calbert Cheaney.


I did get to shake hands with Kyle Taber and his dad.

I also walked on Robert Montgomery Knight …er… Branch McCracken Court. Now that’s a memorable encounter. Talk about history!

Tom Crean
Tom Crean

I saw a lot of people I recognized – celebrities in Hoosier Nation.  I wasn’t quite quick enough to stick my hand out as Tom Crean walked by after the festivities were over. So I took his picture instead.

I also just missed running into Fred Glass, the Athletic Director. He ducked into a restricted area just as I was catching up with him. I wanted to thank him for all he’s done already for the Hoosiers program and wish him well as he continues to guide the Athletics Department. Oh well.

Maybe he’ll read it on this blog. 🙂

I thought they said Crean couldn’t recruit the Big Man. Seven feet sounds awfully big to me!

We also spotted future-Hoosier, Bawa Muniru, in the crowd. Seeing as how an unintentional extra phone call to Muniru caused IU to issue a self-imposed one-week ban on placing phone calls to any recurits, I certianly hope this guy lives up to the hype.

But if nothing else, he is definitely tall. And he is a sharp-dressed young man, too. Although he might want to avoid the blue shirt/red tie combination. I’m just sayin’.

Is that Brian Evans in the collared shirt?
Brian Evans?

I’m pretty sure this was Brian Evans in the crowd, too. He had to bail at halftime because he had a little girl (maybe five years old?) with him. I’m sure it was getting close to bed time.

Our seats were somewhat close to the John Mellencamp’s seats. Unfortunately, much to my cousin’s disappointment, he was nowhere to be found that night.

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