Flashback Friday

Mr. Schiffers Class
Mr. Schiffer's Class

In case you hadn’t heard, the Oscar nominees were announced yesterday. And for something like the sixth year in a row, I haven’t seen any of the nominees for Best Picture. I think the last Best Picture nominee I saw in the theater was Return of the King. But such is the case when you have young kids. You don’t have the opportunity (or the finances) to go to the movie theater.

But this week wasn’t all that bad for me in regards to movie news. Yesterday, I read that they’re airing a trailer for the Transformers sequel during the Super Bowl. While the last Transformers wasn’t my favorite, it was definitely worth watching and I’ll probably watch it again someday. A sequel should be worth watching, too.

I’ve always been a Transformers fan. I remember being so excited one year because I’d been given enough money to buy Ultra Magnus. I might have even gone out that day to get him. At that time, he might have been the most expensive to I’d bought for myself.

The animated version of Transformers that came out 20+ years ago is still one of my favorite movies. Yeah, the animation is a little sloppy at times and the premise is a little corny (I mean, come on…a planet that transforms into a robot and eats other planets? But then again, cars transforming into robots is a little corny too, huh?), but it’s a classic in my eyes. I still have to wipe back tears when Optimus Prime dies. And as I’ve shared before, I still get goose-bumps at the end of the movie when Hot Rod opens the Matrix and becomes Rodimus Prime.

The animated movie came at a time when some of my friends thought playing with toys was kind of lame. After we saw the movie in the theaters, I said to one of them, “Still think Transformers is dumb?”

“No,” he replied. And we got out our Transformers and had a big ol’ battle including G.I. Joe and Star Wars toys. Good times. Good times.

Aiden has watched the movie with me, and he loves it. Of course, he never had the emotional attachment to Optimus Prime that my generation of boys had, but that’s OK. He enjoys Transformers and likes playing with them. I’m starting to dread the day where he decides that Transformers are “dumb” and he’s too big to play with them. I know that day will someday come. I’m just hoping it comes later rather than sooner.

Today’s Flashback Friday, The Touch, may only evoke my own memories, but that’s OK. I may just go sneak up to Aiden’s room and play with some of his Transformers while he’s at school.

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The picture at the top of this post is my 4th grade class. Mr. Schiffer was our homeroom teacher. I’m in the back row, second from the right. I’m wearing a brown shirt and I have a goofy smile (imagine that). One of my best friends, also named Matt, is standing next to me.

Yeah. I was a dork.

Still am.

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