Chapter and Verse

The kids had early dismissal today. All of the paperwork we saw said they were going to be released at 12:30. Apparently, that was for the high school. My kids were done with school at 12:15. Fortunately, Alyson’s teacher is an understanding soul. When I got there, I noticed quite a few kids standing in the office. Looked like I wasn’t the only one who got the wrong memo.

But that wasn’t the point of this post.

I ran a few errands with the kids after picking them up. I had the Star Wars soundtrack playing. I firmly believe it’s one of (if not the) greatest film scores ever written because it is so woven into the movie itself. When you think of a scene from the movie, it’s nearly impossible to think of it without music. And after watching the movie as much as I have, it’s impossible to listen to the music without visualizing the accompanying scene and hearing the accompanying dialog. It’s interwoven. John Williams and George Lucas definitely struck gold with this collaboration.

So we’re listening to the soundtrack and talking about the kids’ day at school. Alyson keeps asking what part of the movie each track is from. And before I can tell her, Aiden explains them all to her. “Oh, that’s where the sand people beat up Luke.” “That’s where Obi Wan Kenobi dies.” “This is where the TIE fighters are chasing them.” I was shocked.

I would say the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree, but he’s made the connection at least 8 years earlier than I did. You might remember from a much earlier post that I didn’t come to appreciate the Star Wars soundtrack until I was in high school. Since he’s appreciating the music that much earlier, I wonder what else is in store for our this Padawan (sorry – had to throw in one Star Wars nerd reference…you understand). Pretty soon, I’m sure he’ll be quoting the movie chapter and verse.

I think he’ll wind up alright. Just so long as he doesn’t show up at any Star Wars Conventions dressed up like Greedo…or Princess Leia…


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