Da Colts…Super Bowl Champs!

Our family when the Colts won the Super Bowl

Yep – Indy won. Although no one was jumping up and down in our house at the end of the game (it was rather anti-climactic compared to the last game), we’re all pretty excited about the newly crowned Super Bowl Champs! And on top of that, Manning finally beat a Quarterback from the Florida Gators! I’m not sure if he’s really the MVP, but I can’t think of anyone else they should have given it to. Unless, of course, they would pick the entire Colts Defense. That’s right. I said Colts Defense. You know, the one that couldn’t stop a Runningback all season…yeah….that Defense. It was that same Defense that won the game tonight.

Like every other Colts fan, I was a little concerned after Hester ran the opening kickoff for a touchdown and then Manning threw an interception. I kept telling everyone at our party that the “Colts have them exactly where they want them…They’re trying to lull the Bears into a false sense of security…It’s like the rope-a-dope.” I tried to convince everyone (and myself) that it wasn’t just wishful thinking. Fortunately, it wasn’t.

Speaking of the party, it went really well. We had tons of food – as is expected at a Super Bowl party. Everyone was interested in the game this year, so it had a different feel than most of the other Super Bowl parties I’ve been to where the majority of people are there just to watch the commercials. In all, I think we had about 20 people or so.

Colts cheerleader and Colts player at our Super Bowl party
A Colts cheerleader and a Colts player. Are you ready for some football?

Celebrating the Colts receiving the Vince Lombardi Trophy Colts Super Bowl Champs
Celebrating the win with the Vince Lombardi Trophy.  That’s Coach Shula carrying the trophy through the gathering of Colts who can’t wait to get their hands on it!

Reggie Wayne autograph Colts Super Bowl Champs
Blue streamers hung from doorways and throughout the living room and kitchen (sorry – I forgot to take a picture of them…although you can see some streamers on the entertainment center in the above picture).  And Christy bought some cool football-themed serving dishes.  The centerpiece, however, was this Reggie Wayne (Aiden pronounces it “Wedgie Wayne”) autograph. [info]kmtodd23 got one each for the kids back when Reggie was a rookie.  Now he’s Super Bowl Champion Reggie Wayne.

Man that sounds good….

Colts are Super Bowl Champions!

I’m losing my voice, so it’s probably time for me to get to bed.

In honor of a great game from da Bears, here’s a little piece of cultural history…

Edit:So, I had a clip from Youtube posted on here from SNL of the Superfans…you know, the guys who sat around a bar table and kept talking about “Da Bears.” But it’s apparently been taken down because of copyright violations. Some kind of disagreement with Viacom. Oh well…

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It did seem really anti-climactic, but it was my first WHOLE game that I’ve ever watched. It was a good thing that I was interested in the game more than the commercials, because I only remember one semi-funny commercial.

The kids are getting so huge. Speaking of, we need to come up with an alternate gift for Aly since the outfit was too small. Do you guys still want it? I couldn’t return it.. maybe it would fit for another week or something..

Also, I noticed Bellas poor tail in the picture. Poor little furry thing..



Re: Champs

I’m proud of you for watching the whole thing, lizaloo! You’re growing up.

About the gift…well…I don’t know. I’ll have to get back to you on that.


Re: Champs

At least Bella still has her whole tail – even though half of it is shaved. It’s a long story. I’ll try to post more about it soon.

We call her our little rat dog now.

I know – we’re so cruel!